Are eddie and kt dating

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are eddie and kt dating

She is in the Sibuna club along with Nina, Fabian, Amber, Alfie, KT, and Eddie. She is dating Eddie. Over the summer Patricia and Eddie split up. She has a twin . They met when KT entered Anubis House with a pile of boxes and Eddie bumped into her and she Both are flustered when the others suggest they're dating. KT looked up and asked, "Did you have a nice date?" Eddie and Joy didn't respond but they look on Eddie's face told her all she needed to.

Eddie apologizes for hitting Frobisher's tank to KT. They keep arguing over whether or not Frobisher is awake. When everybody hears that Sibuna can stay, Eddie and KT hug each other.

are eddie and kt dating

Eddie asks KT if she's okay when they discover that Frobisher really is alive. They go check on Harriet together during art. Out of everyone in Sibuna, Eddie seems to be the one most worried while watching KT through the hidden cameras. To get into detention, Eddie and KT and Fabian make a huge mess of the hallway. When Sibuna is watching KT it looked like Eddie was about to cry. When KT is in her room crying, Eddie comes in first with Sibuna. Patricia calls Eddie "KT's number one fan". KT tells Patricia that she doesn't need to be jealous and that she doesn't think about Eddie that way.

KT talks to Eddie about "A girl liking a boy, but can't tell the boy because she's worried it'll end the friendship" meaning Patricia, but Eddie seems to think it meant KT, and says that "The girl should know the boy just likes her as a friend". KT is furious at Eddie when he says Frobisher is still alive, not knowing that he is. She apologizes to him about it later. He tells her that they need to look out for each other. They are both really close throughout the episode KT says she doesn't think Eddie would stand Patricia up.

She keeps saying what she thinks about Eddie's excuses, showing how well she knows him. Eddie asks where KT had gone and is very upset that she had left. He says that they might lose without KT, showing he thinks of her as their best player.

Eddie comforts her by asking if she wants him and Sibuna to come with her to the secret room. KT said she's okay to go in the secret room if Eddie and Sibuna are coming.

Eddie has his arm around KT at breakfast, showing concern. Eddie said that he thought KT was one of his best friends. KT pleads with Eddie to believe her.

He tells her it would be easier if she explained what was going on. Eddie takes the moon-key and tells her he'd keep it for now while she stays in her room.

are eddie and kt dating

KT seems most concerned about Eddie believing her than anyone else. Everyone else in the house was in their rooms. KT looked up and asked, "Did you have a nice date? She looked towards them.

He pouted for a bit then said, "Pass me another pancake. However when she entered the living room she was surprised to find KT sitting there, watching TV, with Eddie nowhere in sight. KT saw her come in and stood up. She handed Patricia an envelope. Inside were a key and a letter that said: Meet me at the school.

Patricia tried to interrogate KT for more information but KT insisted she just do what Eddie had told her and see what he's got planned. Patricia could hear music playing and so she followed the sound to the hall where Eddie was waiting for her. He was dressed in a suit and had tried to spike his hair up like he used to wear it except because he had much less hair it kind of failed.

She appreciated the effort though. Without waiting for an answer he took her hands and they started to dance.


Classical music was playing and she was trying to figure out why since neither of them really liked that sort of thing. Then she realised… "Are you recreating that time we danced together last year when it was a bet? Meet me in your old room in 2 hours.

Later she was in her old room which was now KT, Willow and Joy's room and wearing her leather jacket that KT had insisted she put on for some reason.

She heard Eddie talking to KT outside the door. Instead of responding Eddie just kissed her. She just looked at him confused but then after a moment figured out he was trying to recreate their first kiss like earlier he'd recreated when they danced together. When she didn't say anything he continued, "Joy interrupted us last time but KT's making sure no one does this time.

They kissed for a bit longer. Meet me by the stairs in an hour. Patricia smiled and shook her head, wondering how much help he'd gotten from KT in organising all of this. An hour later she went down the stairs to meet him and saw him standing there with flowers and chocolates. Eddie answered, "This one is our first date that never happened because you were locked in the bathroom.

Eddie sat down at the bottom of the stairs and Patricia sat next to him, they opened the chocolates and started eating them. KT had made sure that everyone knew to avoid the stairs for a while. Once they finished the chocolates Patricia asked, "So what's the next date?

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KT hurried down the stairs with a blindfold in her hand and Eddie handed Patricia another envelope which said: So KT's going to blindfold you to make this more of a surprise. Meet me at the table in about 30 seconds. She couldn't help but laugh at that and then she turned to KT who proceeded to blindfold her.

KT then guided her forward and helped her sit down at the table. She left and Eddie took off her blindfold. Eddie nodded and passed her the syrup. Patricia said she felt like a bad person because he was always nice to her while she was mean. Eddie smiled when he overheard Patricia say that she liked him in a conversation between Patricia and Joy. When Patricia was about to stand up, he grabbed her hand and told her to stay and she did.

Eddie gives Patricia three examples of why she likes him, but she denied each reason. Eddie said he lowered his force field. Eddie tries to approach Patricia about the fact that they like each other. Eddie admits he overheard Patricia say she liked him. Eddie admits to Patricia that he likes her.

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Eddie says that he doesn't know Patricia at all and that he's okay with that. Patricia tries to prove to Eddie that she's edgy by going down in the tunnels. Fabian seems to notice that Eddie and Patricia have been spending a lot of time together.

Fabian tells Eddie to take Patricia to the Egyptian History movie. Eddie, annoyed by Patricia's earlier reaction, responds that he'd rather take Victor. Patricia and Eddie compete to see who can better prank Mr.

are eddie and kt dating

They are smiling at each other the whole time. Patricia gets appalled because she was the only one that got in trouble. In the last episode, Eddie thought he knew nothing about Patricia, but when he went to his locker in the morning, he thought he knew her too well by pulling a prank on him. Patricia said that she doesn't pull pranks on the "teacher's pet. Patricia said it was 'adorable' how Eddie thought he wasn't friends with the teachers. Eddie wants to prove Patricia wrong.

When talking to Joy, Patricia said she didn't understand why Eddie wanted her to prank him. Joy told her that he wanted Patricia to prank him because he wanted attention from her and to show to him that she cared about him.

Patricia said that it was messed up. Patricia told Joy that she liked him and that he made her feel weak because he knows that she likes him. Joy asked Patricia if she would give up on Eddie. After school in the classroom where the newspaper gets worked on, Eddie and Patricia stood there and said mean things to each other. When they were throwing insults at each other, they both were smiling at one another.

When Eddie saw who pranked him, he smiled because it was Patricia. Patricia said she wanted to prank him because he wanted her to. Eddie told Patricia it was sweet of her, in a sarcastic tone.

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Patricia walked over to him and hit him playfully on the arm. Eddie tried to prove Patricia wrong. Patricia playfully pinched Eddie's cheek before walking away. Sweet in to try to prove Patricia wrong. When Mara told Patricia that Eddie made her post her blog entry, Patricia got mad and went to go find him. Eddie looked sad when he saw the Patricia was standing right there when Mr.

Sweet was yelling at him. When Patricia was yelling at Eddie for making Mara put up the article on Vera, he looked sad. Eddie yelled to Patricia,"We're in this together, Yacker," while she was walking away. When Patricia overheard that Mr.

Sweet was really Eddie's father, she looked upset that he didn't trust her enough to tell her. Eddie told his father Mr.


Sweet that when he first got to England, he didn't want to stay, but now that there is something to stay for probably Patricia. Patricia told Eddie that she won't tell anyone his secret but they can't be friends anymore, not because she found out who Eddie's dad is Mr. Sweetbut because he didn't trust her enough to tell. Eddie was very sad because of this. It was the first time Patricia said they were friends in a not jokingly way. Eddie looked shocked and sad when he realized Patricia was listening to his and Mr.

Eddie tried to talk to Patricia, but she didn't let him explain, saying that she knows who he really is now. She found out that Eddie's father is Mr. Eddie told her that he was sorry for not telling her about his dad and that he should have trusted her. Eddie agrees with that.

are eddie and kt dating

He told Patricia that he cared about what she thought. Patricia looked upset when he walked away because she wanted to respond to him, but couldn't. Eddie walked into Patricia's room telling her that it was his last try to get her to talk. He told her that he liked her, and then Eddie asked her what he had to do to get a reaction from Patricia.

She couldn't talk but really wanted to tell Eddie she liked him. Patricia kisses Eddie to show him that she likes him back because she still couldn't talk. Eddie was happy and said the kiss would work as a reaction. Eddie and Patricia were about to kiss again until Joy walks in, and practically ends the kiss. Eddie looked relieved because he now knew that Patricia wasn't trying to avoid him, and that she had only lost her voice. Patricia has a look on her face after the kiss, but probably because Joy walked in or she felt bad about not being able to tell Eddie the truth about why she couldn't talk.

Patricia smiled a little after the worried look went away. Joy asked Patricia why she was avoiding Eddie, and said that it wasn't like Patricia didn't kiss anyone before Eddie. Patricia told Joy that Eddie was the first boy she has kissed by the look on her face.

Joy told Patricia that she should go on a date with Eddie and to tell him that she liked him back. Patricia knocked on Eddie's door and had little notes on an iPad asking him if he wanted to go on a date. Eddie joked and said to Patricia that she would make a good girlfriend because she couldn't talk. Eddie confirmed the date that Patricia was asking him on. The next day, Patricia was getting ready for her date with Eddie, but got stuck in the bathroom because little Alfie took all the doorknobs off.

Eddie was waiting downstairs for Patricia with flowers and chocolates. Eddie thought that Patricia stood him up because she didn't show up due to being trapped. After Jerome took the flowers from Eddie to give to Mara, Eddie ate the chocolates with a depressed look on his face. Patricia tried to explain to Eddie that she was trapped in the bathroom, and that she didn't mean to stand him up and that she was sorry, but he didn't believe her and told her that they were over. Patricia used her tablet to talk to Eddie, so Eddie made signs for her to read so it was the same, she made cheeky comments about what he was going to say before he said them by her tablet and Eddie attempted to do the same.

The next day, Patricia walked into Eddie's room with a laptop to tell him that she was telling the truth about before, and that she was really sorry, and that she still wanted to go on a date with him. Eddie then took the laptop from Patricia and typed that he would still go on a date with her. Eddie called Patricia "baby. On their first date, Patricia made them both dinner because she said she would. Eddie told Patricia that she was being cute when she was joking around with him.

Eddie asked Patricia if their kiss together was the best kiss she has had. After Patricia didn't respond right away on the laptop, Eddie looked worried and asked her if it was the "second best, third best, or even fourth best".