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are senri and rima dating sites

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Yuki offers to take him back to his parents, and the child takes her to an abandoned building.

are senri and rima dating website

He kisses her in gratitude, which knocks Yuki unconscious. She awakens to find Kaname watching her. Kaname reveals that there is a party for vampires in the building, and that the boy she encountered is a vampire.

are senri and rima dating website

He asks Yuki not to leave the room. Meanwhile, Zero has been assigned to oversee the party by the Hunter's Association. The child goes to Yuki's room to apologize, and Yuki follows him. She views the party as Kaname enters, and many parents offers their daughters in marriage to Kaname.

are senri and rima dating website

Yuki returns to her room, and Kaname comes in. Kaname, deciding to punish her, asks if she wants to be a vampire and live forever with him. Although she agrees, Kaname pulls away from her neck, revealing that his punishment to Yuki for leaving the room was taken too far. As Yuki meets up with Headmaster Kaien Cross and Yori, snow begins to fall, reminding Yuki of the day she was saved by Kaname from a vampire when she was a child.

Yuki and Zero return to guardian duty the next morning. As he passes by, Kaname tells Yuki that he knows she meant what she had said the night before, but she should not take it to heart. However, Hanabusa Aido stays on campus and Senri Shiki goes to see his lonely mother back home. Yuki watches as Kaname and the others leave. On her way to the Sun Dorm, she has a flashback and becomes scared.

She encounters Hanabusa going into the boys section of the Sun Dormitory. He claims to have run away from his dorm Yuki and Zero take him to the Headmaster's private quarters. Zero cooks dinner for him to satisfy his big appetite.

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Yagari voices his concern about Zero meeting Ichiru at the party. After hearing this, Kaien becomes worried that the Senate approached the Hunter's Society with a deal.

Meanwhile at the Villa, Akatsuki searches through records of parties hosted by the Aido family, at the request of Hanabusa, to check if there is anyone who could hold a grudge against the Kuran family. Shiki returns home and greets his mother. She tells him that he looks more like his father everyday, and that he needs to go to his great uncle's for a visit. Later, Hanabusa takes a bath and recalls meeting Kaname when he was younger, noting the change in his personality before and after Kaname's parents died by means of suicide.

While cleaning up, Yuki breaks a plate and cuts herself, telling Zero to drink her blood, a scene witnessed by Hanabusa. He returns to the Moon Dormitory and enters Kaname's study room, where he realizes Kaname is planning something big. Yuki ponders if it would be a good idea for Kaname to turn her into a vampire, but Zero says he would never let her become one, even if it means becoming Kaname's enemy.

This man, who is Senri's father, awakens and asks Senri to lend him his power. Seiren informs Kaname of this, prompting him to return to the academy. Meanwhile, Yuki struggles to remember her past, and hallucinates that her bath is filled with blood.

Zero suggests that she look in the records of the Hunter's Association for clues about her past. The two, along with Kaien and Yagari, travel to its headquarters, where Yuki discovers that Kaien was formerly a vampire hunter. Zero is confronted by the president of the Hunter's Association, who reveals that Zero can only save himself from becoming a Level E vampire either by drinking a Pureblood vampire's blood or by reversing the "Cursed Twins".

When Yuki finds the book containing her past, the page that recalls the winter Kaname save her bursts into flames.

That evening, Yuki is alone in her room when she sees a hallucination of herself as a little girl appearing in her room. Feeling upset about what happened, she cries in his arms all night.


Also that night, Hanabusa confronts Kaname about his plans, and Kaname reveals that his parents were murdered, not having committed suicide. Meanwhile, Takuma meets with his grandfather Asato Ichijowho addresses Senri as his lord.

Zero allows his twin brother Ichiru Kiryu to join the Day Class, and Kaien hopes that the brothers can repair their relationship. During her night patrol, Yuki hallucinates that blood is on her hand and she inadvertently attacks Kaname, who then comforts her and tells her that he loves her. Zero confronts Kaname about Yuki's memories. Kaname attacks Zero because he is a Pureblood yet Zero doesn't fear or respect like a vampire should and he hates Zero.

After smelling Yuki on Zero, Kaname claws at Zero's chest causing him to loose blood. He forces Zero to drink his blood again to stop his transformation into Level E so Zero can continue to serve Yuki because he won't betray her. As Zero drinks Kaname's blood, he sees one of Kaname's memories. Zero encounters Hanabusa as he leaves the Moon Dorm.

Hanabusa lets him leave even though he know that Zero drank Kaname's blood. This is great if you use the bluetooth adapter in a car or if it is powered by an amp.

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are senri and rima dating website

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