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casey and derek dating fanfiction archive

Life with Derek ended seven years ago, but fans haven't stopped shipping the two lead characters, Casey MacDonald and Derek Venturi. When will Derek and Casey admit they are destined to be together? Lots of drama, lots of Dasey. Sensitive themes. Everything is canon except the Life With . "Because even if it was hard to believe, The Derek Venturi was intimidated by Casey. Every smile, every laugh and every ear piercing yell of his name." Derek's .

Lots of drama, lots of Dasey. Everything is canon except the Life With Derek movie. May be rated M in the future. It might be triggering in any cases So Please don't read if you think you might have Problems with that.

Young Casey is living with her abusive father untill Nora finally gets custody back. Will Casey be able to fit in her new family? Will they find out her secret? What if Derek was Nora's son and a good boy and a keener and all around like Casey?

Life at Queens by smsm17 reviews Casey is finally back to college after a whole year in New York but now she doesn't have any friends or know anybody in school besides Derek, her "brother" "step brother" "same difference".

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Who also coincidentally might be her roommate. But why hasn't Derek told any of his friends about their family situation? When Sticks Collide by blink-write reviews This is my first attempt at fan fiction, please give it a chance. Also I'm bad a making summaries.

T - English - Chapters: Due to so many requests, I will be making this a multi-chapter Dasey fic! Just a little fun. It all seems like our opinion is trying to be swayed in an alternate direction i.

casey and derek dating fanfiction archive

Well, my opinion wasn't swayed. I know it's crap.

The Exception - Chapter 1 - Krewlak - Life with Derek [Archive of Our Own]

They're not really related. Related by marriage is not related It combines both of their names Derek and Casey into one name. Also because of how it sounds so much like "Daisy", daisies are usually considered important to the ship. Prior to getting pregnant, generally Casey and Derek are at a party and get drunk.

casey and derek dating fanfiction archive

Bet fics are stories where a character usually Emily or Sam that bets Derek or Casey something in order to help the two realize that they both like each other.

Nora and George are even sometimes in on the plan to get the two together.

Casey McDonald/Derek Venturi

One or both generally have a significant other, which sometimes leads to infidelity although not always. Some of the futurefics take place where sometime in their past, Casey and Derek were together, most of the time was a secret from the rest of the family which generally meant that it brought a strain to their relationship and they would end it so they wouldn't hurt their family. Most of the time they would end up getting back together by the end.

Some would have them not see each other for years on end, and then finally meet up again sometimes for a tragic reason, otherwise joyous reason - their siblings getting married or whatnot.

Fanworks Fanfiction Out of the Blue by degrassichickrated teenDerek and Casey place a bet on who can get fifteen dates the fastest. It was Derek's idea, afterall Karma by sugah66rated matureThe universe obviously has it out for him. There can be no other explanation. Takes place Post-Series when they are both at college Through Your Eyes by Low Entropyrated teen, She had been asking to 'see' him since the first week they met.

The minute he realized how she 'saw' someone, with her delicate fingers grazing the person's face, Derek knew he wouldn't want her to stop. Alternate universein which Casey is blind The Definition of Infuriating by KaRaEaCasey thought they'd be done with childish behaviour when she and Derek went to collegebut he is just as infuriating as ever and seems determined to make sure she never stops thinking about him.

Life With Derek - Rated: K - English - Chapters: But what happens when the two are stuck together for about a week, away from all who know them? T - English - Chapters: Inspired by lyrics from a song, but not really a song-fic. It hurt, painfully so, but it was funny because suddenly she realized that her and Derek had traded places.

casey and derek dating fanfiction archive

You know the usual. Casey takes matters in her own hands T - English - Romance - Chapters: Actually love and drugs have the same effect on the mind. Derek is can't recognize himself any more, and suspiciously Casey is every time around when he acts strange Although she knows, she can't be more than his sister- maybe for one evening her dreams about him are allowed.