Is zoey burger and paris smith dating

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is zoey burger and paris smith dating

The latest Tweets from Paris Smith (@parisstweets). actress/singer/dancer ❤ ❤ ❤ . Los Angeles. Every Witch Way is an American telenovela-formatted teen sitcom that originally aired on . Emma is still dating Jax at the end of the series. Maddie Van Pelt ( Paris Smith): A witch who is the school's most popular student Gigi Rueda ( Zoey Burger): Diego's twin sister, school news reporter known as "Miss Information". Paris Smith Latest News, Photos, and Videos. Wed, 08 July Paris Smith Takes JJJ to the Beach for 'Every Witch Way' Takeover! . Zoey: I'd probably bring Paris because we're super close and we always laugh so much together and have so much fun Kira Kosarin Announces Release Date of Upcoming Single.

Daniel Miller Nick Merico: At the beginning, he has had a constant on-and-off relationship with Maddie Van Pelt despite holding an interest in Emma. Eventually, he fully breaks up with Maddie and begins to date Emma.

He is also a human, not a wizard, thus making the Witch's Council pressure Emma into breaking up with him in season 2. He has a rivalry with Jax over Emma. In season 3, he is a lifeguard at the Beachside Seven, and soon gets Mia as his partner. This leads to her sending a spider bite him, making his 'inner wild' come out. Later, Mia removes the spider from Daniel because it made him very sick.

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At the end of season 3, Emma chooses Jax over Daniel, making a Continuum Break shift Daniel into another life in a sanctuary by the Everglades.

Emma tries to restore his memory, but sends him back in the series finale to make him happy. Maddie Van Pelt Paris Smith: She hated Emma in season 1 because she stole Daniel from her, but they become friends after everything they went through and because she soon develops feelings for Diego, who she ends up dating. She is the most fashionable girl at Iridium.

She can come off as mean, but has a soft side and really cares about her friends and family. Andi Cruz Daniela Nieves: Other than Emma, Emma's magical flying spell book, the Hexoren, is as well her best friend, often babysitting him and bringing him to school and even the beach.

is zoey burger and paris smith dating

She is great with tools and stands as one of the few able to block spells using various devices of her creation. She also starts to become friends with Jax. In season 2, her virtual zombie boyfriend, Philip, comes out of the Zombie Apocalypse game; by season 3, he returns again and stays for good. She is the only human known that can understand the Hexoren. Jax Novoa Rahart Adams: A new student in season 2, who is a member of the Sharks and a rebel wizard who is impulsive with his powers, using them for his own interests in season 2.

is zoey burger and paris smith dating

In season 2, he uses Emma to gain magic energy and take over the realm. She soon breaks up with him after Daniel shared a kiss with her. However, in season 3 and 4 he starts to use his powers not only for himself, but for other people.

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In season 3 Emma has to make a tough decision over who to be with: She chooses Jax and they stay together for all of season 4 happily. In season 4, Jax's world is turned upside down when he meets his long lost sister Jessie and she reveals that his mother isn't dead. When he figures out she is an evil witch trying to steal Emma's powers and take over the realm with him and Jessie, he remains loyal to Emma and gets Liana transported to Limbo.

Limbo is a place where bad witches go and their bad souls are with them. Diego Rueda Tyler Alvarez: He thought he was the last of the Churi Kanay meaning "Son of Fire", who can control the elementsuntil Mia, a rebel Kanay, comes to Miami. His family owns The Seven, as well as the Beachside 7, and he is seen often working there. In season 2, he has an interest in Maddie, but Ursula does not approve, so he tries to impress Maddie in every way that he can.

In season 3, Diego and Maddie are a couple, and they try to fix the bond between witches and Kanays. Mia Black Elizabeth Elias: A new girl in season 3. She is a rebel Kanay who wants all witches to be destroyed because one of them, who happens to be the Principal, killed her parents. Unlike Diego, she has been raised as Kanay since her birth so she wields her powers with a much greater ease and skill than Diego.

She starts to actually fall for Daniel along the way through her scheme.

is zoey burger and paris smith dating

Mia has a spider Kanay mark on her arm, which causes the persons 'inner wild' to come out. Mia also had the Cristal de Caballero, a magical crystal that belonged to her father.

is zoey burger and paris smith dating

Like Jax in season 2, Mia changed after bonding with Emma in the Zombie Apocalypse video game they got trapped in during the season 3 finale.

In season 4, the Continuum Break affects Mia as well, and she is Daniel's girlfriend in his other life in the Everglades. Katie Rice Denisea Wilson: She wants to be the head Panther. Even though she acts popular, she is actually smart, and as well happens to have a 'geek side' where she would often refer to different fantasy and anime shows or games and LARPing. In season 3, Katie leaves the Panthers and becomes friend with Mia, although it was revealed she only did so to get information out of her.

Sophie Johnson Autumn Wendel: She is a little dimwitted and very gullible. Other than Emma and now Andishe is one of the only characters to tolerate Jax.

Gigi Rueda Zoey Burger: Diego's twin sister, school news reporter known as "Miss Information". In season 3, she is a waitress at the Beachside Seven, but blogs more than works. She is kept out of the loop of the magic going around in Miami, even after finding out, quickly having her memory erased by Maddie, several times.

She had a small crush on Jax when he first came to the school. Since Daniel Mia in disguise treated her nicely, she had a big crush on him as well. Tony Myers Kendall Ryan Sanders: He did not return for the second season because he is attending a "magic academy". Mac Davis Mavrick Moreno: He did not return for the second season due to moving to Texas.

Recurring[ edit ] Lily Archer Melissa Carcache: The school's nurse and Emma's guardian witch, she is powerless and depends on a magic kit. She becomes a member of the Witches' Council in season 2. In season 3, when Jax graduated from Rebels Boot Camp, it seemed that his father was no longer qualified to be his guardian, so Lily was assigned to him.

Robert Miller Louis Tomeo: Daniel's brother who is the oldest and leader of the Terrible 3 T3 and their best inventor. Melanie Miller Jackie Frazey: Daniel's sister who is the middle child and only girl of the Terrible 3 as well as the smartest.

She was only seen in Season 4 for 1 episode. Tommy Miller Jason Ian Drucker: Daniel's brother who is the youngest of the Terrible 3 and most hyperactive. Ursula Van Pelt Katie Barberi: Maddie's mother who holds feelings for Francisco.

In season 2, Maddie's powers lands on her, and she uses them to make Francisco fall in love with her, though they finally kiss in the series finale. Ursula doesn't like Diego because he is a Kanay, and doesn't accept him and Maddie dating; however, she finally accepts Diego when he saves the Van Pelt family reunion from Jake.

Ursula also wants to prove herself as a hero to the Council. Ursula is head of the Van Pelt Coven.

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In season 3, she adopts Philip. Francisco Alonso Rene Lavan: Emma's father; he becomes Iridium High's principal in season 2 due to former Principal Torres's defeat in the first season. He doesn't like Daniel or Jax at all.

He does not know that Emma is a witch, though his wife was one. Francisco also has a hard time talking about his wife with Emma. He and Ursula kiss in the season 4 finale: Desdemona is a member of the Witches Council and Emma's new Guardian in season 2 while Lily is in training. In the season, the Fool Moon turns her evil, having her bent on destroying the magic world, but she is changed back to normal by the last light. She does not approve of Emma dating Daniel at first.

She is the smartest of the Council. Agamemnon Todd Allen Durkin: Leader of the Witches' Council, he is the only wizard in the Council, and the supervisor of Rebels Boot Camp in season 3.

He has a grand disliking for Jax. In season 4, he and the rest of the Council become powerless because Emma steals their powers, but they get them back in the finale. He becomes the headmaster of the WITs Academy in the spin-off with the same name. Christine Miller Whitney Goin: Coach Julio Rafael de la Fuente: Adopted son of the Principal and the coach of the Sharks, who is revealed to be a frog turned into a human. Rick Miller Jimmie Bernal: He left after season 1.


She had her followers and wanted to keep it that way. If the show comes back for a second season, what are some things that you would like to see happen?

Any dream guest stars?

Zoey Burger (Gigi Rueda) Tribute (Created with @Magisto)

If the show comes back for a second season, I hope that Maddie gets her powers back and gets a dog. Tea cup Maltese, of course! It would be great if Ursula developed a relationship with Francisco, and for Beau to come back to Sophie. They really connected, and it was super fun watching them shoot their scenes. My ultimate dream guest star would have to be Ariana Grande. What is your favorite on-set prop? My favorite props were the Iguana and the Hexoren.

The iguana was very easy to work with and super cute. Who knew Iguanas were so professional! The Hexoren was a really cool book that was filled with pictures and spells and beautiful fonts. What is your most memorable moment from filming the show?

My absolute favorite memory was filming the Anime party. We all loved getting dressed up in our crazy outfits. That hair and makeup took over 4 hours!

We had such an awesome team. I love the whole cast, but I clicked especially with Sophie Autumn. We used to make crazy fun videos in the pool and I would do her makeup!