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How Will ‘Arrow’ Season 7 Bring Back Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper?

send all of the hostages out, wearing sim- ilar masks to their Oliver takes Felicity's advice and asks McKenna out on a date. Mean- while, Thea befriends a pickpocket named Roy Harper, Moira takes on. Malcolm, and a. Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak | See more ideas about Emily bett rickards, Felicity smoak and Arrow. A page for describing Characters: Arrowverse: Team Arrow. Team ArrowTeam Arrow A group that Oliver Queen intentionally and unintentionally formed.

Felicity ended up turning the Arrowcave into this, with several state-of-the-art computers that can do just about anything. All the male members sauf Rory. The entire Team is guilty for not practicing what they preach and all that. See their respective entries for specifics. Only Oliver, Sara, Roy, and Evelyn have displayed mastery of this skill, though Laurel, Thea, Diggle, and Rene were shown capable of making high and long leaps.

They don't get things straight from the get-go, but they still have a very fast rate on learning things. All the female teammates. No Hero to His Valet: Curtis, Evelyn, Rene and Rory don't have the bond with Ollie that Felicity and Diggle do and more than willingly to call him out when they feel it's necessary All of the team consists of Badass Normalsthough early on only Oliver, Sara, and Roy wore costumes.

As the team expanded to include more team members on the field, Laurel, Thea, and Ray joined the costumed heroes on the team.

By season 4, Diggle, who usually wore standard Black OPs clothes, gets his own costume. The only exceptions are Ray Palmer and Rory Regan who have powers stemming from their costumes and metahuman Dinah Drake.

Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: They are the Badass Normal team in a world of superhumans, but fortunately they happen to inhabit a city filled with similarly powerless criminals, aside from the occasional exception.

The group's original incarnation with Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. Their bases get more and more cool-looking as seasons go on.

Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Throughout the years, they were composed of a reformed Jerkass billionaire heir The Leader and foundera Retired Badass military veteran, a brilliant and quirky Playful Hackera rogue assassin, a Reformed Criminala Crusading Lawyerand a former teen junkie.

The Team fits even better in Season 5, while the previous version of the team were mainly archers and martial artists, Oliver's new recruits each have their own gimmick. As Diggle puts it: Team Arrow is tied with the Legends as the team with the most line-up changes of all the Arrowverse shows.

They and Team Flash mutually keep the other team's and their allies' secret identities. Superman Stays Out of Gotham: If Barry were to help out or move over to Star City, he'd clean up most of the threats by the start of each episode.

However he's usually preoccupied with the bigger metahuman threats in his own city. Similarly with the Legends, they could return at any time they wanted, but are usually caught up dealing with time criminals.

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So Oliver and his team are always left to take down the Star City criminals themselves. Roy, Laurel, Rene, and Curtis all started as this. See their respective entries. Thou Shall Not Kill: The Team 's principle starting Season 2.

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Late in Season 2, Sara and then Roy join. They both leave in different circumstances in Season 3, and by that time Laurel and Thea come on board. Speaking of Curtis, he's now the only member of Team Arrow who's gay, since Sara swung both ways.

Team Arrow is the resident Badass Normal team in the Arrowverse, but over the series there have been occasional super powered individuals joining the roster.

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Oliver took him up as a protege and he would serve as an on-off ally for Oliver before officially joining Team Arrow. Sadly, this also turned him into The Berserkerlike most of the surviving Mirakuru users, and ended up becoming a Tragic Monster.

However he was also the first that received the antidote that helped him be Brought Down to Normal at the end of the season as well as officially joining the team. Even later in Season 5, Dinah Drake was recruited as a replacement Black Canarybeing a metahuman who had a sonic scream. She still serves as the current Token Super. Their bases always gets compromised.

They treat each other as family. The Lance sisters have been this to the Queen siblings way before Oliver started this team despite Oliver's turbulent history with them. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity spend Season 1 and the first half of Season 2 building a relationship, quickly get used to putting their lives in the other's hands and Diggle and Felicity are the few friends Oliver willing trusts with his secret identity.

Diggle also frequently refers to Oliver as his brother. The new recruits, particularly Curtis, Artemis and Wild Dog, are close-knit. Ragman, while on good terms with them, tends to interact mostly with Curtis. Does that mean that we should suspect Roy as Sara's murderer? We've certainly does crazier things on the show! That is very true! They're going to have some rather intense scenes together. One of the fun things about it is the fact that we have not actually had too many one on one scenes between Felicity and Roy.

Usually they're having their scenes in the context of Team Arrow in general.

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It's fun to see Colton and Emily share the screen together. They're terrific together and they're very close friends in real life and that shows up on screen. Ray Palmer Brandon Routh is about to take Felicity out on a date. Should Olicity fans be worried? Well, I've never known Olicity fans to not be worried! There are two types of Olicity fans. Certainly the fact that we've released a promo showing Ray Palmer kissing Felicity suggests that the approach we're taking is very much the latter.

Why does Brandon Routh think he's doomed on Arrow? How long of a journey is that going to be for her? It depends on how you define "journey. It's not going to be an easy road for Laurel no matter how quickly she suits up. What can you tease about what that secret is? We're going to answer a question that fans have been asking us for a while now. It's honestly such a big secret that I don't even want to come close to spoiling it.

It's one of the biggest bombs we've ever dropped on the show, except we're not even doing it on the show! We're doing it on Flash. How are we going to see that war commence?

That's going to be the question that much of the third season will be spending time with. The consequences of episode 4 are really explored in episode 9 which is our midseason finale. Talking about what started that war to begin with, now that Malcolm John Barrowman is under Oliver's protection, what is his next move?

Malcolm does have a game plan. You'll see what he has up his sleeve by the end of the midseason finale as well. A lot of cards will have gotten turned over by the time we reach our midseason point.

We've been doing a lot of table setting with the flashbacks. I would say starting in episode 9, once the chess board has been set, we'll start to see some real interesting twists and turns and reversals.

We're planning on doing something in the flashbacks later on in the year that I think most people will find to be wholly unexpected and probably the last thing anyone expected us to do with the flashbacks, but we're going to end up doing it!