Selena gomez and gregg sulkin dating

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selena gomez and gregg sulkin dating

Aug 14, Selena Gomez, Gregg Sulkin, Jennifer Stone. Eric McCandless/ Disney Channel via Getty Images. What's better than your Disney. Gregg Sulkin and Selena Gomez spent hours together on the set of Wizards of Waverly Place, and now, years later he can't help but be. And one of those cast members who loves taking a trip down Disney memory lane is Gregg Sulkin, who played Selena's on-screen werewolf.

The couple met on the set of Descendants 2, which was released inand has since been inseparable.

selena gomez and gregg sulkin dating

However, Dove Cameron was quick to shut down t hem down, tweeting that she and Thomas Doherty are fine and madly in love. And sure, Zac Efron is no longer on speaking terms with Vanessa Hudgens. The two of them met during High School Musical, and their friendship has endured for many years, despite the fact that their careers have taken very different directions.

Selena Gomez cuddles up to Gregg Sulkin as pair film reunion movie

When Ashley Tisdale got married, Vanessa Hudgens was not only in attendance, but she was also a bridesmaid. Thus, the actress has a special place in her heart for their friendship.

selena gomez and gregg sulkin dating

However, there was another teen group among siblings that was already a success: In hindsight, it seemed like they were a perfect match for one another: However, like most Jonas romances from that time, this relationship did not go very far.

However, from season 2 and on, she became a significant part of the series. Inas news broke that Danielle Fishel had become engaged to Jensen Karp, Ben Savage took to social media to congratulate them.

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The two actors were an on-screen couple during the span of 25 years, and off screen, they have been great friends. And if Selena ever wants to feature a rapper on one of her songs, guess who she could call!

selena gomez and gregg sulkin dating

Josh Hutcherson Josh Hutcherson The Hunger Games star is very popular with the ladies, but that hasn't made his cabeza too big, thankfully!

These two get along great.

Selena Gomez and Gregg Sulkin - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

There were also rumors in the past that they were dating, so why not make the rumors true, right? We can't really picture those two together, but we do think he'd be a better fit for Selena.

selena gomez and gregg sulkin dating

Why Selena should date him? The two young stars have been linked to each other in the past and Hunter plays the guitar like it's nobody's business. He could easily rock alongside Selena on a tour, giving them more chances to hang out.

They were such a cute couple on-screen, we figured, why not bring that cuteness off-screen?

Justin must have gotten a little flustered. At the end of the song as they were coming down the steps, he missed one and fell back two steps, losing his balance.

"The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex" Featurette - Selena Gomez, Gregg Sulkin

The quick-thinking Carly grabbed Justin in the nick of time and saved him from falling on his bum in front of thousands of people. The singer and actress has been dating Justin for two years Last month it emerged that Selena had turned to a self-help book for tips on how to keep the romance alive in her relationship with Justin.

selena gomez and gregg sulkin dating

She was spotted carrying a copy of The 5 Languages of Love: It's rather grown-up reading material for the former Disney star, particularly considering it is aimed at married couples. Written by relationship counselor and New York Times bestselling author Gary Chapman, it gives advice on 'words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch'.