Snsd yoona and suju donghae dating

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snsd yoona and suju donghae dating

Do you think Donghae's songs Y and Still You are refer to Yoona? but after i watched their moments on YouTube, I believe they used to date. . mistaken to be TaecYoon's rings, but it was actually SNSD's couple/group rings) . I also remember SuJu's guesting in Strong Heart where LSG was an MC. Here is the list of the Super Junior members who are dating. Stella Kim); Donghae (SNSD member, strongly Kwon Yuri or Im Yoona. Yesung (It was rumored he had an interest in Im Yoona of SNSD, but never dated her. She believe at least SNSD or f(x) member dated Suju/DBSK member. So the gossip about Jessica/Yoona with Donghae or Hyoyeon with.

Many said that it is just because of their long friendship as they complement each other on screen and off screen. However both denied dating each other and calling each other best friends for long time.

Both camps said they are really focused on their career and have no time for dating. They wear paired rings or paired bracelets, and they took pictures of those paired items and posted them online. However, they or their agency do not confirm they are dating.

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However both sides have denied this fact and called it media speculation. Donghae is really chill guy and he wants to live life full of fun.

There is no detail given anytime by the singer and actor regarding his girlfriend. He calls it his personal matter and ask media to stay away from his personal life. Dara is his 10 years friend and many fans make them fictional couple as they look good with each other. His Ideal type of woman Lee Dong-hae ideal girl has been changing with the passage of time. But it seems that he loves shape girl with nice legs. Also, his ideal love must have long hair, fair skin and big eyes, and she must be shorter than he is.

However he likes to have a girl with silky hairs. In addition, she must take much care of him, must kiss when he wakes up, and must know how to cook seaweed soup for him.

I miss when Donghae and Yoona used to date - Random - OneHallyu

He would like a girl who would look after him all the time. Someone who would genuinely care for him intentionally and both unintentionally.

He also likes girls with nice forehead so that he can give her nice kiss. He says his ideal type of love is an actress, Im Soo Jung. How he thinks about marriage Lee Donghae will get married.

snsd yoona and suju donghae dating

He said he would love to have four kids in 7 years and yes he is planning to get married after completing military services. Where did the name come from? Materials or techniques used in the manufacture of fireworks.

snsd yoona and suju donghae dating

Tools or equipment containing explosives that burn at a lower level and gives color to the flame is lit. Can be used to illuminate a place and give the signal. The story here is similar to fireworks as that romance that exists between the two people, Yoona and Donghae.

I miss when Donghae and Yoona used to date

Like the fireworks, they look so beautiful and so wonderful in silence. A time when people become complacent and do not pay much attention and too late in the noise of the world, respectively, and the story of our love YoonHae was erupting with pop-pop that makes people wonder helpless because sparkle of light is perfect and the sky with the colors a dazzling sight.

snsd yoona and suju donghae dating

Because if not for us then people were probably never aware of the actual YoonHae more than beautiful and irreducibly with words. Yoona and Donghae loves child. Yoona at Chinchin Radio Donghae also said. Donghae at Super Junior Adonis Ep. Donghae has the type of woman with a beautiful forehead. Even Taeyeon, Yuri and Leeteuk as well admit it. This is their conversation on a radio: Her forehead is very beautiful right?

Besides that, Yoona also rarely wear bangs, she more often showed his forehead. Donghae always pratice with Yoona. Donghae likes girls who have beautiful eyes.

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Is Yoona have beautiful eyes? Here is the story: