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Maryse and Dibiase Jr were announced as mentors of Brodus Clay she was given an ultimatum from Ted Dibiase Jr to pick him or NXT. The cell match itself has main-evented all six to date, with matches varying from D-Generation X taking on Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase all the way to Seth. Maryse Mizanin is a Canadian-American professional wrestler, professional wrestling manager .. On the June 21 episode of Raw, after Ted DiBiase fired Virgil, Maryse became DiBiase's new personal assistant. . She made her in- game debut at WWE Smackdown vs. . ""Miz & Mrs." summer premiere date announced".

Its really true that you are such a wonderful person. Meanwhile in the kitchen But Maryse was able to answer it straight. So it means nothing's official yet.

You know the incident when Jillian attacked me after the match. Maryse felt that she is very welcome to the DiBiase family.

She was very happy that Ted's family likes her. The day she met Ted's family is the day that she will never forget. After a while they finished eating, and Ted told Maryse that he will accompany her to go home.

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Ted accompanied Maryse to his car and drove all the way to his girl's house. I hope I can meet your mother one day. Thanks a lot Ted. They can feel the passion from the kiss. Both of them broke it after. You are very important to me.

And the great thing is, They welcomed you. I need to go back now, Take care of yourself. Maryse entered her house with a smile on her face. She entered her bedroom and changed her outfit. She decided to text Kelly Kelly on what happened.

I finally met Ted's family. I feel so welcomed to their home. His father is really a wonderful person. And his brothers are so amazing! Ted was very sweet towards me all the time. How's your date with Cody? Hope you had fun! Kelly Kelly received the message and replied: Our date is great! Cody even treat me to an ice cream shop. Please click accept to agree with the use of all cookies.

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Ted DiBiase Jr.

Why did WWE release Maryse in? Hey, WWE might want to Bios are fun, let's talk about wrestling though. Follow me on Twitter TheVarble and buy my books because you love wrestling and are a cool person! Contact Us Advertise with Us. Due to these injuries, DiBiase competed sporadically in FCW for the next few months, competing in both tag team and singles competition. After holding the title for just over a month, they dropped them to John Cena and Batista on the August 4 episode of Raw.

The following week, DiBiase and Rhodes used their rematch clause to regain the title. DiBiase and Rhodes were soon joined by Manu, forming a stable of multi-generation superstars. It was during this time that Randy Orton became linked to Rhodes, DiBiase, and Manu on television, criticizing them in a mentor-type role. This storyline attack was to allow DiBiase to be written out of WWE storylines, so he could film the direct-to-video movie, The Marine 2. DiBiase was also elevated to main event status as a result of joining The Legacy, competing in handicap and six-man tag team matches, as well as the occasional singles match against Orton's opponents and rivals.

Throughout mid, DiBiase and Rhodes continued to compete against and attack Orton's rivals, particularly Triple H, preventing him from earning a match for Orton's championship. At the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, he eliminated Orton from the Elimination Chamber match, but was eliminated by Kofi Kingston soon after.

On the February 22 episode of Raw, Orton turned on The Legacy, believing they had a plan to turn on him, and in retaliation, they attacked Orton the following week.

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On the April 5 episode of Raw, DiBiase was given possession of the Million Dollar Championship and access to a trust fund by his father. DiBiase then began looking for a "Virgil", a manservant like his father used to have. He offered the position to R-Truth, who refused, provoking a feud between the two.

During the match, DiBiase suffered a concussion, but was able to appear on Raw the following night. On the June 21 episode of Raw, DiBiase fired Virgil in favor of the managerial services of his on-screen girlfriend Maryse.