Tom hanks and john cusack dating

John Cusack: Is is time for a gear change? Or is he trapped, forever, in the s? |

tom hanks and john cusack dating

John Travolta played the bad boy greaser, Danny, who falls for the preppie repeat couples in rom-coms, it'd no doubt go to Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. . Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Charlie, an enigmatic woman of the world, who he once dated. Zeta-Jones and Cusack play famous actors, starring in the same movie. Lisa, so Tom Hanks will still have mysteries to solve after the apocalypse. Fierman: Vehicles John Cusack has jumped, Dukes of Hazzard style, over Fierman: My high school girlfriend told me John Cusack would be the. The Interested Party: Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) have real chemistry (why did Prinze-Cook not become the Hanks-Ryan of teen rom-coms.

He mulls it over. Ten is a good batting average, don't you think? What a happy coincidence, you might think: But it doesn't take long in Cusack's company to realise he's a straight-shooter. Isn't that why audiences respond to him?

Whether he's playing chirpy and idealistic Say Anything or amoral The Grifters, Grosse Pointe Blankhe cuts through the celebrity fog that surrounds so many performers of his stature and generation; you feel you're getting something real, even if another of his selling-points is paradoxically that you can never be sure of its precise nature.

I always see something going on in there, and I don't know what it is," remarked the late Robert Altman.

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And if Altman couldn't define it, what hope the rest of us? So it's unlikely he would beat around the bush if he had reservations about It is adapted from a Stephen King story Cusack's second: What he encounters there is a radio clock that only plays the Carpenters, eerie paintings that spill free of their frames and a hammer-wielding assailant with a scary receding hairline.

He falters somewhat talking about the finished film. I don't recall the finished product so much as the feeling of making it.

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I loved it because it was a high-wire act. I knew that if it worked, it would be great, and if it didn't, I'd fall on my ass real hard. It's insane doing something where you don't know whether it's going to work on any level, but it's so exciting. Only a handful of actors have ever been entrusted with the lion's share of an entire film - think of Tom Hanks shooting the breeze with a basketball for most of Cast Away, or Philip Baker Hall prowling the Oval Office alone as Nixon in Secret Honour.

But to this elite breed we can now add Cusack, who dominates Samuel L Jackson is there to hand over the key, and various bit-players drift in and out of Cusack's ensuing hallucinations, but for the most part we are alone with him and his distinctive brand of rumpled, smart-aleck cynicism.

tom hanks and john cusack dating

When I ask him about how consciously he has cultivated this persona, he gives an easy-going shrug. Not everyone likes it, of course. The guy in the Guardian last week certainly didn't. He seems both amused and quietly irritated by this remark. In these movies, Cusack became a symbol of hope, both for those men who figured it might not be so bad being a nerd after all, and for those women who found themselves dating one. He was like a super-interesting version of me. Only I'm not as good as him.

I would argue otherwise, but be that as it may, Stewart is all of 19 about to turn She has a right, thus far in her career, to be more or less the same. To me, John Cusack has been acting the same for more years than Kristen Stewart has been alive. Only now, he has grown up, and his primary character trait is being a grownup while still clinging to that earlier, mockingly disgruntled boyish insolence.

I deeply want to say that I like John Cusack — seriously, how could anyone not like him? That movie, in its small-verging-on-indie way, did for Cusack what The Graduate did for Dustin Hoffman: It exquisitely encapsulated a generational vibe in the spirit of one soulfully downbeat, quirkily confused romantic seeker. But am I the only one who wants to see Cusack change, stretch, lose or gain a personality trait or two? Am I the only one who has grown, over the years, just a wee bit tired of John Cusack?

Take a look at the two photos at the top of this column.

'I'm basically a brand'

Turning cutely, adorably suicidal is a very John Cusack thing to do. Okay, now look at the photograph on the right. Would you believe me if I told you that that it was a shot of Cusack from High Fidelityin which he plays a lovelorn record-store geek?

Or Grosse Pointe Blankin which he plays a lovelorn hit man who returns to his hometown and looks up the girl he abandoned on prom night?

tom hanks and john cusack dating

Or Serendipityin which he plays a lovelorn ESPN producer trying to reunite, through the not-so-random randomness of fate, with his perfect love? Actually, the movie is Must Love Dogsin which Cusack plays a lovelorn maker of handcrafted wooden canoes who navigates the brave new world of Internet dating.

Okay, this whole paragraph was a little unfair, but you get the point:

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