Trixie and katya dating after divorce

Ever since Katya Zamolodchikova returned to Twitter, fans have been anxiously awaiting to see if the drag star would say anything about her. Katya and trixie mattel dating after divorce. I would snipe in and go back sungmin dan kim sa eun dating apps but every time my aim would go. Main · Videos; Trixie and katya dating after divorce. For more versus your payouts about basking your weeding profile, cheer your pace for a step-by-step cheer.

She said the right things.

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But were they voting for Kennedy or against Shangela? Girl, I have no idea! I was as surprised as anybody. I really thought Shangela had the highest scorecard at that point. Like I said in the episode, what happens behind the scenes in the Werk Room, not on the main stage, is important. I guess at some point Shangela must have said or did something that turned the other girls off.

You and Shangela are proof that mostly everyone who goes on this show becomes a star in their own right. Does winning still mean something, these days? Is the crown important?

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Shangela and I are living proof of that. That sounds so dramatic, but Shangela and I never won. Shangela and I are both the type of queens who will taffy-pull 15 minutes of fame into something solid. And I always say the real race starts after Drag Race. Nothing was taken from Shangela, taken from BeBe, or taken from anybody else. I was sitting in that room looking at the eliminated queens like, I would have been proud to lose to any of you.

I think the fans, for some reason, they lose sight of that sometimes.

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You can see it in my face. Every time I won something or won a challenge, I was gagged. Any given moment, you can go home. I think the fans need to remember that more often. I was just going to ask you! No, I have no idea! Stuff like that matters. Part of it is also having the right idea and pulling the right look together that day. I notice that I'm overthinking my pronunciation of UNHhhh - so I ask if they find it amusing hearing interviewers trying to accurately pronounce the orgasmic-sounding name of their YouTube show.

It's at this point that Katya interrupts the questioning to pose her own query: I offer to make it the tagline for this story, but Trixie tells me that I should actually make it my Tinder bio.

The queens both screech with their infamously infectious laughter. Katya tells me she probably would've been a community college psychology professor "who ODs or something, just to keep it real". I ask Trixie, and realise her line had been interrupted.

Trixie and katya dating after divorce -

As I organise for the call to be reconnected, Katya yells laughingly, "How dare you Australian cretins force her out of the room! I prefer social life. I get given the signal to wrap up my interview a devastating momentand I decided to propose a quick-fire round - quick questions, fast answers.

Here is the full transcript of it, for your enjoyment. The type of comedy you get to do in drag. Just drag in general.