Trunks and pan age difference in dating

Dragon Ball: Mind-Blowing Things You Didn’t Know About Pan

trunks and pan age difference in dating

MiscThe age gap between Vegeta and Goku has widened by a EDIT: According to u/vlorsutes Goku was officially born in and the wiki's date of is about grown up Pan, Goten, Trunks, Marron and Bulla that badly. The English dubs of Dragon Ball have had at least seven different voice actresses for Pan. Pan is also seen as an old woman at the end of Dragon Ball GT. she asks one of her classmates on a date to watch a movie. Can they overcome the age gap between them? Trunks & Pan belong to Akira Toriyama: Creator of Dragon Ball, DBZ, DBGT, & the character designs from Chrono Trigger . "We've been dating for three months now.

Her grandfather, Hercule, who is Videl's father, was a hero and even had a city named after him. Pan's father, Gohan, was a superhero long before he met his wife. Hercule makes it clear he wants her to carry on his legacy as a martial arts hero. Though she enjoys practicing, she admits she doesn't want to inherit his legacy. She creates her future by becoming an instructor for the Pan Fighting Network.

We can only imagine how mortified she becomes when she witnesses her parents transform into the Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyaman 2. Pan believes their gaudy costumes are ridiculous and their poses are tacky.

She has no desire to become a crime fighter like her parents and grandfather. It wasn't to be like her parents but to protect her identity. She didn't want people to know she was Hercule's granddaughter and profit off of her good deeds. She didn't want to make money off of her established reputation and just wanted to destroy the enemy. Even her father has proven himself in battle. Pan overhears their conversation and is heartbroken. She was determined to prove them wrong They didn't believe in her abilities, and she was determined to prove them wrong.

She runs off to find the missing Dragon Ball on her own. Unfortunately, her hot-headed nature got the better of her. She poorly planned her expedition and ran out of the water.

Giru recovers the missing girl and helps her find both water and the missing Dragon Ball. Goku and Trunks see her determination and decide to keep traveling with Pan.

trunks and pan age difference in dating

We knew she was a silly, yet energetic little girl. Dragon Ball Super changed the formula. Videl was shown giving birth to Pan in Super, compared to debuting the young girl at age four in DBZ. Pan made history by being the first of the GT characters to appear in the Super series. We get to witness how powerful she is when she's still in diapers.

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Pan drives the Z-Fighters a bit crazy, and even Trunks is forced to babysit her while Gohan is at work. Thanks to Pan's earlier debut, we may get to witness her rise to power compared to her DBZ counterpart. She wears her hair short, like her mother Videl, because she knows it can hinder in battle.

She balances school work with dating. In one of her first appearances, she asks one of her classmates on a date to watch a movie. She doesn't like waiting on the sidelines and will happily join any fight. Contrary to her personality, she prefers to date attractive boys who are gentle.

Unfortunately, the boy she dates in GT, Poperu, can't stand fighting.

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When Pan fights off bank robbers, Poperu runs away, not wanting to get involved. She gets annoyed when she realizes she scared him off by displaying her strength. Poor Pan has been absorbed three times during the series. She was turned into a doll during the fight with Ludd. Pan, along with Dolltaki, are then both absorbed by the gigantic mechanical doll so he can use their power. She was also absorbed during the battle against Naturon Shenron.

He used Pan's abilities to fight Goku. Pan was still conscious and told Goku to finish the creature off, but Goku didn't want to lose her. He manages to save her before destroying the creature.

In a comedic twist, Mr. Buu used Chocolate Beam on Pan and Hercule and ate them. He didn't want to hurt them, just keep them safe from Baby Vegeta.

Buu was able to restore them at a later, safer time. Her name still has three different meanings that few fans know. Pan is the Japanese word for bread, which keeps with the tradition for food based names in the Son family. Pan was also a Greek God responsible for the wild, shepherds, and flocks.

In his attempt to abate the feelings that he had developed over the years for the younger quarter Saiyajin, Trunks had made the decision to start dating. The problems with this plan were that women tended to want him for two things; his looks and his money.

Pan never cared about money. Looks, maybe, but she never showed evidence of it. Pan, she was growing into a fine young woman, but he was fourteen years her senior.

Her Uncle was his best friend, her father was like a brother, and her grandfather was a mentor. Here, carry this for me. It was a Saturday and she had talked him into taking her to the mall. They're the latest designer boots. They would look great with my new outfit! Exhausted from trudging through store after store on his day off, he collapsed on a bench that was situated in the middle of the hall way, and dropped his — her — merchandise on the floor.

His feet were killing him. He'd rather be training with his father. Leaning his head back on his shoulders, he looked up at the ceiling and then closed his eyes, blowing out a breath. The sound was like music to his ears. If it was, she recovered quickly. Daichi, this is Trunks. He's a friend of the family and…" "The president of Capsule Corp. He held out his hand to shake. My father works for your company.

He had an athletic build, and a pretty boy look, but he shook Trunks hand with too much enthusiasm. The smile on his face seemed too carefree, as if he was trying too hard to impress someone. Trunks studied the boy for any flaw he could find. Was he the same one who had made Pan cry? A quick glance at her, and she seemed to read his unspoken question. She looked wide eyed and worried. It hasn't happened again," she replied with a smile. Trunks felt a sharp pain in his chest watching her wrap her arms around one of this boys and pull him closer.

She looked happy enough. Who was he to step in her way, besides, why should it matter to him? This was only brotherly concern, right? Unsure of what she was talking about, Daichi released the handshake and brought his hand to the back of his neck, letting out a nervous laugh.

Trunks silence made him feel awkward. If there are any pieces left. Trunks eyes narrowed as he stared at the boy before him. Daichi swallowed and his look became serious as he took a wild guess about the topic of the conversation. He returned the older man's stare, somehow managing to hold his resolve, and nodded his understanding. Okay, well, see ya later, bye.

Unconsciously, he clenched and unclenched his fists. She had been standing behind the young couple, observing them, and would have liked to greet Pan herself, but the entire scene seemed too tense. When Trunks didn't seem to notice her she raised an eyebrow. What was with this situation? Trunks wasn't even this overprotective of his own sister, and it wasn't like Pan was lacking in people to take care of her; not that she couldn't take care of herself.

There was a pile of paperwork that needed to be reviewed, approved, or signed. It was a gorgeous day outside, and the blue skies beckoned to him. With his chin resting in one hand, he tapped the end of his pen on the document that he was currently reading.

It had something to do with revisions to an earlier prototype for a capsule bot that was essentially a maid.

The original version had a glitch in its system and could only be programmed to handle one task at a time. This newer version could not only be programmed with an entire day's worth of chores, it would repeat its tasks on a given schedule for an entire week before needing to be recharged.

It was every housewife's dream. Finally on the last page of the report, he signed it and flipped the pages over onto the pile of approved proposals.

That was the last of it. His desk calendar now stared at him. A large red circle brought his attention to a particular date. It marked Pan's eighteenth birthday, a week from today. If they were having a party, he hadn't yet been informed. The day, itself, was during the week. So a party would likely be on the weekend. Yet, if he wasn't mistaken, her graduation was coming up soon, so he wondered if they would be combining the two parties.

In any case, he decided that he'd like to do something special for her on her actual birth date.

trunks and pan age difference in dating

When that day arrived, Trunks showed up at her school in the company limo to take her out for lunch. He had already made the necessary phone calls to keep it a surprise.

Expecting his arrival, the school pulled her out of class early. What are you doing here? He grinned upon seeing her dressed in her school uniform. Because of the potential for raised suspicion if a school girl, dressed in her school uniform, was seen dining with a businessman, not only had he changed out of his suit into a pair of black pants with a black, short sleeved button down shirt — the top buttons of which were left undone — but he had brought something for her to change into as well; having managed to call her off for the rest of the school day.

It was something that Marron had picked out. When she returned, a knot caught in his throat and he stared at her in wonder. She looked very professional and like a lovely young women dressed in a black pencil skirt and blousy style white top that had a necklace type neckline.

She stood with her hands on her hips, glaring daggers at him. Raising a hand to the back of his neck, Trunks replied with a nervous laugh, "It really becomes you. You look very mature.

He was willing to bet that she hadn't ever been treated in a gentlemanly manner like this before. This caused a flutter of hope in his heart, which he suppressed. He reminded himself of their age difference and close family ties. Plus, she already had a boyfriend. After helping her into the limo, Trunks slid into the seat beside her and they were whisked away, flying off to their destination.

Not having ever been in such a luxurious vehicle before, Pan examined all of its features; it's double seats that faced each other and were long enough to lay down on, its spacious flooring, the radio, sunroof, even a mini refrigerator.

He couldn't help but to chuckle at her childlike innocence; it was one of the things that he loved about her. They arrived at the Akabeko, a famous — and expensive — steak house and sushi lounge. After stepping out of the limo, Pan stared up at the towering building, the first three floors of which belonged to the restaurant; the first floor was for business casual dining, the second floor consisted of the bar, and the third floor contained grandiose halls for parties and conventions.

Her mouth dropped and she began to babble illegibly. Trunks, this is… Oh good Dende, why are we here? Never before had he enjoyed the fortune of his mother's company more than he did now. Her reaction made it all worth it; the knowledge that this wasn't something she expected, like every other woman who only saw him for what he was financially worth.

But we're celebrating it along with my graduation party next month. The tables were made of wrought iron and had a glass top. The matching wrought iron chairs had plush green and white ivy print cushions. The ceiling was made entirely of skylights, creating a green house effect that was responsible for the lush garden that surrounded them.

Pan stared around at everything in awe. He supposed she was right, but by now the scene was so familiar to him that its affect no longer fazed him. He was more interested in the transformation of the young woman before him. The one good thing about it was that it kept all of the other women from continuing to pursue him. He realized four months ago that a serious relation with Marron wouldn't work.

Though they never talked about it, Marron seemed to agree. Whenever they were together it was never any different from hanging out with an old friend.

After they ordered their food, Trunks took the opportunity to ask about her own relationship. He hasn't tried anything again, has he? Even if he knew that he shouldn't hope for more, he couldn't help but hate the idea of her being with someone else. He would have preferred that the guy tried something again for the sheer enjoyment of taking out his frustration. Wow, he was starting to sound like his father; wanting to beat someone — or something — for the sole purpose of making himself feel better.

Even if the reasons were different, it was basically the same. Not liking the direction that she felt the conversation was going, Pan asked about family and work. After their food was brought out, she talked about her family and school. As expected for being Gohan's daughter, she was graduating with honors and was her classes' valedictorian. Trunks wasn't surprised and expressed his congratulations and his pride. Pan's eyes lit up, making him laugh.

She was ever the kid, no matter how mature she looked. They both stood to leave, Trunks having charged the bill, and walked to Pan's favorite Parlor. She ordered a sugar cone with two scoops; he ordered one scoop in a bowl. They sat down on a bench outside and proceeded to eat while sharing memories from when she was younger.

School had recently let out for the day. There were many school kids there as well; it was a popular hangout spot.

trunks and pan age difference in dating

I came over to hang out with Goten, but he was stuck on babysitting duty," Trunks reminisced. Pan laughed, "You'll have to be more specific than that. Which time are you talking about? Whether or not she recalled the memory, he couldn't tell. I got worried when I didn't see you at school; thought something happened… What are you wearing? Trunks glared at the boy, annoyed by the interruption; Daichi stared at him in return.

He knew that look; he had seen it often on his opponents after they realized how much more powerful he was then them. The young man smiled at her as she bounced over to hug him. Everyone's waiting," Daichi returned his attention to Pan. I really enjoyed myself. Sorry, but we're supposed to meet some friends for cake. Before she could step away, he took hold of her hand and pressed a small box into her palm, pulling her closer so he could whisper in her ear. Be sure to open it later, when you're alone.

No longer in the mood for ice cream, Trunks tossed the plastic bowl into a garbage can located a few meters away. All of the men in my life are really over protective. Just look at Gramps," she said, referring to the Martial Arts world champion, Mr. Even knowing that she was stronger than him, he had stayed with her for nine months now.

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Her thoughts should only be about him. She wrapped her arms around one of his and hugged it. She did love him. Who cared that she was stronger? He was an accomplished athlete in his own right, and one of Gramp's best students. The couple met up with their friends and, after Pan changed into her usual street clothes — which she carried in her backpack because flying home in her school uniform was awkward — they went out for karaoke, cake, and more ice cream.

Afterwards, Pan thanked everyone, said her goodbyes, and gave Daichi a hug before flying home. Who's acting like me? Don't you think that's enough, now? However, Pan was released from her father only to be smothered by her grandmother. You'd think that you should be a pro by now," Goten followed the older women out of the Kitchen and moved to save his niece from being suffocated. You had lunch with Trunks?

Pan was grateful to her Uncle for saving her, but felt an odd fluttering sensation in her stomach at the mention of the other half Saiyajin. She was reminded of the present that he had given to her, but he had said to open it when she was alone. Curiosity claimed her and she faked a yawn. I should get to sleep.

Finally, when all was said and done, Pan let out a sigh of relief and was eager to go to her room. Flopping down on her bed, she dug through her school bag, pulling out her school uniform and the outfit that Trunks had bought for her, until she found her gift.

The small rectangular shaped box was professionally wrapped in gold paper and tied with a red bow, which was slightly crushed from being in her backpack. She opened the little package with care, for some reason unable to rip into it. There was a nervous knot in her stomach. Why had he mentioned that particular memory?

Of course she remembered it. She had the biggest crush on him when she was little, but it was nothing but a childhood crush; nothing but puppy love, right? With the wrapping out of the way, Pan lifted the lid of the box to find a four starred Dragon Ball necklace.