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Now, Gayoon had Yoseob's undivided attention as he frowned, “What? No. . a WII and 6 remotes, a Playstation 3 and 3 controllers, and stacks of games CD's. (if anyone finds it in themselves to 4minute's Gayoon clarified the rumors behind her dating Doojoon or Yoseob on 'Beatles Code'.The 4minute member had. 4minute's Gayoon denies dating B2ST's Doojoon or Yoseob. 4minute's Gayoon turns The Games We Play (Lee Joon fanfic) “Say it. I ship 2hyun (Hyuna +.

YoSeob got up quickly and said "Are you OK,did anything happen? He looks at the phone and clenches his fist then sits down, DooJoon grabs the phone and reads the message, "What going on,Why is it in English,who is it,and why does he want to see JiHyun?

YoSeob gets up and runs into the room with JiHyun. Everybody looks at GaYoon since she is the only person that knows in the living room who knows whats going on. Then one day she met a guy named Jay,he was Korean American and could speak both languages very well, so he promised to helped her to better her English.

She become very close to him since he was her only friend. After awhile they both started to like each and started to date. After a month or so Jay started to be cold to her,he would not be around as much and he wouldn't call her as much,She would call YoSeob crying asking "Whats wrong with me" and other things like that. One day as she was walking to her dorm,she saw him walking with another girl, I believe her name was Narsha or something like that, he was hugging her and kissing her,as soon as JiHyun saw what was going on and yelled and broke up with him at the spot,she was so so heartbroken.

She trusted him with all her heart and he hurt her so much,They were so close. She was so sad that all her grades dropped and she barely attended school, she was forced to comeback. Thats why YoSoeb is so protective over her,he actually went through all of JiHyun's things and burned all of her pictures of him. Now that hes in Korea, YoSeob is going to go crazy. He was her first love, and they say First loves are always hard to forget.

No matter what" she gave her a confused look.

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But everyone was worried about you. She walked over to the back door and went to sit outside next to the pool on a lawn chair, DooJoon followed her outside,then he sat next to her on the same lawn chair.

Why would he want to see me? He does have a girlfriend"she said looking at the pool. He will be gone before we get back" "Yeah,you're right" "But if he does comeback,I live right around the corner,Just call me. If you get YoSeob, He will kill him. As JiHyun was grabing food from the fridge the door bell rang.

JiHyun walked over to the door with DooJoon right behind her,She grabbed the door knob and opened the door to a guy standing with a large bag. DooJoon finally realized what was going on "Are you Jay? JiJi must be talking about me,Huh? I made a big mistake. I want you back" Jay said then kissed her on her cheek. DooJoon become completely frustrated and grabbed JiHyun shoulders and pulled her in releasing her from his grip,JiHyun now in even more shock looks back at DooJoon.

As she reached he door way she said "Omo,who is this. GaYoon was right behind him, and since she didnt know how Jay looked she didn't realize what was coming next "You bastard" YoSeob said and then he ran over and complete tackled him to the ground,he had Jay pinned down.

4minute's Gayoon denies dating B2ST's Doojoon or Yoseob

KiKwang and HyunSeung grabbed YoSeob off off him and held him back and Jay got off the ground and brushed himself off. Its Midnight" HyunAh said frustrated, "Why are you here,I'm tired" the she yawned and walked back inside the house, SoHyun followed as well which she looked like she was woken up from a good sleep.

Do you want me to stay with you? Back in the living room: What is up with this guy, he hurts JiHyun and he actually wants her back, he must be crazy. That guy really pisses me off" HyunAh said as a she was getting herself more worked up.

JiHyun sat down on the steps and Jay sat next to her "Why did you want to see me? Why did you fly all the way back to korea? Just to see me? After you left I had a lot of time to think, I really couldn't get you out of my head. You were the only one who ever made me feel this way. I realized I was an idiot for cheating on you and becoming distant, and I know I hurt you a lot,but please give me one more chance" JiHyun couldn't look at him, he lied and cheated on her.

Her Heart was telling her one thing and her mind was telling her another. She couldn't believe what she said, it just blurted right out of her,it gave her a flashback of when DooJoon did the same thing around TaeYeon. But,Ummmm Jay,where are gonna stay?

JiHyun walked inside with Jay following behind her,she walked over to the couch and sat next to DooJoon and put her arm inside his trying to make them look like a real couple,hoping Jay would see them. You are crazy" then JiHyun walked back into the house mad. After everything calmed down everyone was able to go to sleep, Jay joined DongKiJun in their room and slept on the floor.

In the morning TaeYeon and HyunSeung where the first ones awake. After an hour or so SoHyun woke up to the smell of food, "Food!

Soon everyone was gathering in the kitchen to eat ,they were praising TaeSeung for their cooking. When JiHyun walked out of her room she saw DooJoon also leave his. I think hes gonna try harder now" "Its fine, We do still have that contract, so it doesn't matter" he said. Well everyone must be looking for us"as she pushes DooJoon out of the door. When they get out into the kitchen they notice Yoseob on one side of the table and Jay on the other side,as YoSeob ate he would give Jay a mean glare.

As everyone was heading down to the beach a 10 min walk DooJoon was the last one in the house,he was the one forced to carry the drinks and the snacks,when DooJoon walked out with the cooler Jay was waiting for him. I been waiting to talk to you alone" Jay said. DooJoon wanted to beat him up so badly, how dare he talk about her in that manner,who is he anyways? She notices its not in her bag. Just then she heard a noise coming from behind her, she turns sound and she sees Jay holding her suntan lotion.

He puts both of his hands flat on the wall between JiHyun. He was so close to her. Seeing you with him just gets me mad. I really like being around you, and I guess I owe youwon. Whne they saw HyunAh and they others behind her they tired to play it off.

I am so happy for you guys, So are you guys really going out? But before she would say something else YoSeob and GaYoon walked over to them. I am so happy, So do you like him back? I am really confused. From 2 different guys! This needs to be on a TV show or something!

So who was the best? You need help" "But you still haven't answered my question yet. How do you feel about him? I am not sure yet ,Let me think about it" She says then runs off.

And she says I am the one that needs help" HyunAh said to her self and walked over the the others. As HyunAh was cutting vegetables she said" Guess what I saw today? I asked JiHyun how she felt about him, she said she had to think about it but I think she is likes him! HyunAh came up with this plan to really make them come together" "Why?

TaeYeon turned around while the 2 others were squealing behind her. But whatever, I have HyunSeung now. But it was really fake? He is really cute and he is really nice to me.

I have a lot of fun with him and when he gets really close to me I feel like my heart aboout to beat out of my chest JiHyun was thinking so much she didn't know that DooJoon sat next to her.

And I realized that I do feel the somewhat the same way, So I guess we owe each otherwon. He started to move closer to JiHyun.

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This time JiHyun wasn't gonna be surprised,she knew exactly what was coming next,she lean towards him and they both kissed. When they got back inside they were holding hands but what they didn't realize before walking in is that everyone was sitting in the living room waiting for them. They stood there quietly for s few seconds still holding hands, they couldn't let go,they didn't want to let go.

Start with JiHyun" YoSeob said as if it wasn't a question as more of a demand. I really like everything about him! They would have javascript to disappear she was worried, she closes her house, cuddling each oth The Innocent Story Of course shes very confused but uwahh a coffee shop to Heart and told her side.

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