Kelissa and chronixx dating site


kelissa and chronixx dating site

You've just completed a massive 45 date US tour with revolving Jesse Royal came for two weeks and Kelissa was there throughout the tour. Jamar Rolando McNaughton a.k.a Chronixx, Kelissa McDonald and Andre Johnsona a.k.a. Dre His presence on stage is always overwhelming and even to date seeing him once again, . Please like our Facebook-page. Chronixx is ungrateful according to the mother of J.O.E.. Chronixx and Jesse Royal. Entertainment This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Kellisa did what she came to do in Vienna and that was to put on a show. Its been a while, I have to admit, that I last took on a liking to an artist and this being from the first impression that I got of both her and Dre Islands's music.

Dre Island somehow brought back memories, still can't put my finger on it but he has something special about him that just sweeps you off your feet. This young artist is about to make an impact in the music industry, just like his counter part Chronixx. Dre Island brings one to ask oneself, "do I know you?

His performance too was received well by the massive. I suppose the start of spring has the massive out to snatch all that is new this year. Dre Island performance was more than I had budged for, his brought me one step closer to Reggae. Chronixx the man of the evening, had his second show in Vienna and released his second CD that was launch on the 1st of April, This artist has been making strides towards furthering his career to the next level. From the first time we at Africanlife saw Chronixx to the follow up in Germany on a much bigger stage and audience the response back then when he had started out, was crazy, Fyah all the way, with the Zinc Fence Redemption Band backing him its unimaginable even thinking of him playing with anyone else.

I am more experienced as somebody who arranges and records harmonies than I am somebody who performs and records as the lead singer. It can take days, it can take hours, it can take minutes. Literal minutes to do a full song.

kelissa and chronixx dating site

When you were a child in De La Vega you used to direct your church choir. I was brought into the church choirs at a very young age. When I started I was maybe nine years old on the children's choir. I started out leading the songs in the children's choir and I used to go with my mother to the youth choir practice and the women's choir practice.

Until eventually at that young age of 10 or 11, I started singing with the youth choir as well. The youth choir would be like from age 18 to 30 years old so I started singing with the choir even though I was just I became a lead singer in the choir. Then I started directing the children's choir.

I helped to rehearse the choir until I was maybe 13 or 14 and then I started to direct the youth choir as well. Which denomination of church was that? They call it Church of God but it is not really any denomination. You have Catholic and I don't know if they would call that Protestants?

Christianise the garrison, you know? So was there a point where you had to leave the church? Yeah, I mean, I didn't really have to leave the church because I wasn't really in the church like that. I went to the church to study the Bible and to learn music and to sing.

I never, ever left that. I still do that every day. So what church really meant to me is spiritual growth and nurturing your spiritual self through music and through meditation.

I still love meditating and praying. I used to love to pray and meditate as a little youth. And that's mostly what I went to church to do - pray, meditate read the Bible and to sing! I am still doing all of the above right now every single day so it's a great thing and I never really had to leave the church. Most of the songs on your album are new or have recently been released as singles but Smile Jamaica, produced by Silly Walks, is an older song. Why did you choose to include that song?

It is a nice song. I think it helps to tell the story that I am trying to tell with the project. It is somewhere I wanted people to go along the journey. After Smile Jamaica, the album moves away from one drop rhythms and from lyrics specific to you as a Jamaican. As you start to talk about bigger topics the rhythms become more global. Because music is just mystic. Because you have to talk to people in their language. If I have to talk to you - you can understand me.

Music is a universal language and that's one thing I love about music. I can speak to the whole world just by putting it on the right beat. I speak mostly with the music. The words are for those who can't really see beyond the words.

But the real message is in the music itself. The oohs, the aahs, the hmms, and the actual drumbeat in the bass-lines.

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That is where the message really is. The song I Can has a very contemporary pop chorus. Did you arrange those backing vocals? I arranged it along with Lisa Davies and Latoya [Hall-Downer] who are very talented singers and musicians.

Latoya is one of the greatest keyboard players in Jamaica. She is very awesome. They are gospel musicians and I know them from church time. Those were people who are used to look up to as a kid in the church. I went to gospel concerts and watched them play and sing.

Lisa Davies is a background vocalist for Toots who plays multiple instruments. We are quietly the biggest fans of Toots in the world. Where does the Peter Tosh sample at the beginning and end of I Can come from?

I don't know where exactly where it came from but that song was produced by the Picard Brothers in France. Actually I got that rhythm from Diplo. Diplo sent that beat to me along with some other music when I was working on the Roots and Chalice mixtape. Diplo sent some music to contribute to the mixtape and that was one of them.

When I recorded it I decided that it was too nice for the mixtape and I was going to put it on the album. That is a beautiful track. It is produced by Natural High. Who also worked on the Kelissa EP. Yeah, they did the Kelissa project as well. So me and them have a good production chemistry. But it's reggae music you know? I just want you to know that. It is fully reggae music. This lyric strikes to the heart of modern debates about racism and reminds of the uniqueness of the black experience.

Yeah and I chose to put it there. I was writing the song and I caught myself. But the song was meant directly for people who don't have a sense of where they are really coming from.

You're born in a black body and that is as much as you know. But it's for a reason. When you ask a white person, he can tell you about his great-great-great-grandmother and hundreds of years of so he has a sense of where he's going. Because he knows exactly where he's coming from to years ago. For us it's different.

I can't even tell you where in Africa I'm from. So it's not just about Jamaica and slavery. Slavery is just a wink. Slavery is not the reason why everything in the world is happening the way it is happening. I don't blame slavery for everything. I don't blame slavery at all. Because how did such a powerful people end up in slavery?

kelissa and chronixx dating site

That's a big question we need to ask. How the greatest kings of the world ended up in chains? Filling in the middle pieces. First we hear about Cleopatra and Queen Asheba and King Solomon and all these great people and then we fast forward to the middle passage. So that song is leading people towards the Dogons, Kemet and Kush. Towards Haile Selassie, Rastafari. And through Haile Selassie you have to go thousands of years back to King David. Along that journey, you're going to have to walk past Jesus, past John the Baptist and all these other people and go to King David.

And when you reach King David you're going to have to walk past Moses and everybody and go back to Melchezidek. And when you walk and you walk and you walk you realise the way how we look is a big coincidence.

Just like how black people and white people marry and have interracial youth. That has been happening from the beginning of time.

What's the tea on CHRONIXX?

And that is how we look the way we look. So everybody is everybody. But we have to address it first. And allow the youth them to start the journey without criticism. Don't criticise the youth who is on his journey. Wherever on that journey he is.


He might be on his phase of the journey where black people are the supreme race of them all. Some people are at a point in the journey where they don't even understand anything about black consciousness and they don't care.

kelissa and chronixx dating site

Some people are at the point where they can literally see within themselves the whole universe and everything it that is in it. Not just the other races but all the other species. Because when I look at myself I see a little reptile, I see a little bird, I see water, I see fire, I see all the elements, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon, silicon.

But that's just where I am. I have to respect where other people are. So that song was specifically purposed towards helping youths to start their journey.

In the final section of the album you talk about some real basic truths of humanity. Yeah because something very important happened in my musical journey. Look in their eyes and feel their emotions and talk to people and learn different cultures and read. Don't just go into a country and have a blissful experience where is just all about me. I try to connect with the struggles of humanity. And this album was a way for me to share some of that experience.

On I Know Love and songs like that. A lot of people don't get to travel so they don't get to see the world as one world.

kelissa and chronixx dating site

So they are in Jamaica seeing the world as a Jamaican but when when you are forced to be more than just a Jamaican you get to see where the world is going and where it is coming from. I can tell you that humanity is coming out of the religious era. That is why you see the religions are intensifying their force upon humanity because they are in panic to see that very soon people won't feel like they have to go to church anymore. And it's not a bad thing. Like all of these great prophets and people that you see - you will have greater prophets than them.

Even in this modern era with Instagram and Facebook you're going to have some greater prophets and greater people than everyone who is in the Bible. Because these people, they didn't just die. They were elevated so their consciousness will live forever. So you will have Elijah, you will see Mohammed again, you will see Jesus Christ over and over and over and over in different ways, even in this time to remind us that your body is a temple.

And if you notice how drastic the Earth changed after the World War. And right now we are living in a very silent war and when the war is over things will be different. Earlier you said we are coming out of the nationalist period.

Nationalism likewise is intensifying right now. Yeah but we are coming out. What they're doing is using public relations to keep people in that mind-set. They use public relations and all of these black life this and white life that and blue life and purple life and straight people and gay people and whatever.

But really and truly people are just people trying to find their way. We are just people trying to piece the puzzle of life together.

kelissa and chronixx dating site

That's our only task as human beings. We were not indebted with any other responsibility more than how did we get here and how do we find our way?

So everything in between is just helping us to accomplish that. More and more people are seeing that. During this interview I've asked you about a lot of specifics but your answers take things to the bigger picture.