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tim ferriss show dating site

Tim ferriss dating game pastor can difficult scenario for deepest values and him clear As hard as pulled some of forgetfulness A lot show how people while I m . Written by Tim Ferriss Topics: The Tim Ferriss Show. Hacker Samy Kamkar in “ The Dating Game” Samy Kamkar is one of the most innovative and . Kevin has trained and consulted for the FBI, Secret Service, SWAT, and elite military units like. Listen to The Tim Ferriss Show episodes free, on demand. platform for 24/7- supported, zero downtime blogging, writing online, creating websites -- everything!.

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tim ferriss show dating site

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The strongest IOIs initialization, each player where the woman has a deliberate. Or for Stagen and others. Every week I will do one or two heavier weight training sessions. It could be more, it could be Two days ago, I just did somewhere between 80 and reps in a single set with a pound kettle bell. Then I will use progressive resistance and use that as I go.

Pretty light at the moment. Weight training one or two times per week. As you get older and your hormonal profile is less and less conducive to muscle growth or preservation, I view this as hypercritical for countering sarcopenia — age-related loss of muscle.

If you want to prevent broken hips and all these things that tend to happen in older people, this is an incredibly important exercise habit to develop and protect from encroaching commitments otherwise.

Then I would say the remainder would ideally be outdoors. I realize the benefit. Rick Rubin, legendary music producer has underscored this. Sun exposure first thing in the morning and so on.

Tim ferriss dating game

But two to five times a week of some type of outdoor exercise, which you could view as recreation. There you have it. Part of that is surrounding yourself with a group of people who enjoy and participate in, for instance, hot and cold and underwater weight training, in the case of Laird and his whole gang, with XPT, which you guys can check out. If you want to check out Jerzy, I mentioned him already, Tim.

If you want to listen to Art Devany who is, I think, in his late 70s, about to turn 80, something like that, Tim.

How do you study up on your subjects and come up with questions? For instance, I hired a researcher from Inside the Actors Studio to go through transcripts of my early interviews and to recommend how I might structure things differently, and asked him how he helps James Lipton, host of Inside the Actors Studio, to prepare.

One of the things that he will go is go through Wikipedia entries and look for the most arcane or understated point that might be found in a bibliographical point. That ended up being surfing. I also listen to one or two long-form interviews whenever possible. By long-form, I mean more than 20 minutes.

Then part of the prep can be leaning on either the person helping to facilitate the interview or the interview subject themselves. I will ask them what are two or three of your homerun stories? What are two or three of those? Sometimes they will provide me with the cues or I will listen to the long-form interviews that I mentioned and identify two or three stories I want to include in my interview. But I also want to ensure for the listeners that they are guaranteed two or three moments of gold.

That is where this type of preparation is very helpful. In front of me I will have typically two pages. On the right-hand side, I will have rapid-fire questions that I want to ask specifically. That could include some of the usual suspects: For many different reasons. That helps me to think about my topics and so on for 30 minutes, and then the next segment is fan questions from social media interspersed with some of my own follow-ups, and then rapid fire for the last Within all of this, you have certain objectives or signposts.

Say, for the first Jamie Foxx episode that I did, which ended up being voted podcast episode of the year on [inaudible] in You can listen to that if you want. I highly recommend it just for Jamie. He did the performance. The magic of someone like Jamie is you prompt them and then he will tell an incredible story. If you want to turn the story, in some cases, into something very highly tactical, you want to set aside, and I did in this case, a good 40 to 50 percent of the time just for follow-up questions.

In follow-up questions, there are a few follow-up questions that I like. There are many good follow-ups, of course. Where did you learn how to do that? How did you pick that up? What might be another example? Those a few of the ways that I think about prep and management of interviews. Those are a few recommendations. And study, study, study, study good questions.

Write down good questions.

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Keep an Evernote file or something where you collect questions, which is what I do. I will put that into my collection of questions.

How did you connect with all of your friends? I did put together a post to answer this question because I get it so much. This is the title: You guys who are interested, check it out because it does go into some depth. It tells a story specifically of what I did at South by Southwest, which is a big conversation inwhich led to the tipping point for my first book, The 4-Hour Workweek, and directly led to it being published in more than 40 languages and being on the New York Times Bestseller List for about four and a half years straight.

It came from, in large part, a handful of decisions and commitments made at that one conference. Most of how people approach this, I think, is ill-conceived. How do you do it?

tim ferriss dating game

How are you still doing it? Kevin Rose also introduced me to Daria Pino, who is now his wife. With developing human relationships, you want to go and inch-wide and a mile deep, not a mile wide and an inch deep. Nonetheless, that is how I might think about it.

What did you find and are you still working on it? What I found was that educational reform is a quagmire of political interests and difficulties and roadblocks. Yes, I am still working on it. I do have some big plans in the next 12 to 24 months. Some of them require a lot of war chest capital. There are two that I am on the advisory board of that I encourage everybody to check out. The first is donorschoose. So you can check out donorschoose. Some incredible supporters like Michelle Obama and Oprah and so on.

Founded, in fact, by one of my wrestling partners from high school — Charles Best. You can check that out. That is mostly K high-need classrooms in the United States. Then QuestBridge, which is lesser known. This is not principally a funding problem. People think that getting qualified, but in some capacity disadvantaged kids into great schools is a money problem.

It is a sourcing problem. I want to say two years ago they put about half of economically disadvantaged kids into the Ivy League. On the curriculum side of things, I do focus a lot, and I have historically focused a lot, on meta learning. How do you teach someone how to learn more effectively, more quickly?

tim ferriss show dating site

I talked about this at length for about pages in the meta learning section of The 4-Hour Chef. That is important, but the main issues holding back the United States educational system right now are primarily political in my mind.

Those are thornier to deal with and I am going to take a stab at dealing with them, but this is not the forum right now where I can air my grievances. Maybe that means doing it quietly, maybe that means doing it loudly. This is related, but very quickly. I want to just point out one thing, because there is, I think, an excessive focus on curriculum here. How can we possibly judge all these kids on standardized testing? Yet, when you get out into the real world, guess what? You have to compete and you have to compete, very often, with objective measures that take the form of tests, which take the form of interviews, which have set questions and so on.

These are the realities you have to grapple with.

tim ferriss show dating site

Nonetheless, you have to learn how to deal with that. Chinese at Princeton, at least when I was there, was two things simultaneously. Very famous among East Asian Studies departments. Nationwide, perhaps even worldwide for being effective. Really putting out and producing students who could speak Chinese well. Specifically, they had extremely good pronunciation. The other side of that coin is brutal. I remember going in to Chinese the first day.

I want to say there were 60 students. This is before Chinese was as popular as it is today. This is, I guess probably? At the end of a week, I think we had 12 or 14 students remaining. It was absolutely brutal. The amount, the sheer volume of practice that we put in on tones, specifically, was just crushing.

I think it was something like five or six different lessons per week. In retrospect, it was totally necessary. It was like physical conditioning. You have to develop that over time by putting in reps.

tim ferriss show dating site

That is the moral of that story. In other words, when you should give up versus when you should push on? This is such an important question and one that so many people struggle with that I actually reached out to a bunch of past guests on the podcast who I admire and thought might be able to give really good answers.

They responded with their answers in audio. If you go to Tim. Why do you want to dig in on their success habits in life? Those are two Jedi who I would love to interview at some point. Then there are a few athletes who are interesting to me. Both of those athletes are very fascinating to me.

It would be fun also, as a former soccer player, to perhaps introduce many people in the U. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, would be high on the list for many different reasons. Sure, I can do that. So a story from the early days. BrainQuicken, which was my sports nutrition company way back in the day that preceded The 4-Hour Workweek and so on. I had decided at one point to go from direct-to-consumer to retail, or at least to augment direct sales with some type of retail presence for these sports supplements that were being produced and then later sold in about a dozen countries.

In the very early days, I was trying to figure out retail and what spliffs are and what co-marketing is and so on and so forth. It was in New Orleans. I did not have any employees at the time. I was able to wrangle a friend of mine, Jason, into taking some time off of work, I think a Friday, to join me for a weekend to help man the booth. As soon as we got there, I realized that I was extremely underfunded. There were these other gigantic booths from these large brands that you would recognize.

They had 10 to 15 people. They had booth babes as they call them. We literally had arrived with the pre-shipped product and a tablecloth and a table. That was about it. I needed to tap dance and improvise very quickly, so we did a few things.