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vox king wah dating site

Someone have one? Good wah pedal? Better than the v reissue? Thanks. Apr 19, , AM. Like. rnrr. Registered User. Join date: Aug 20 IQ. anyone know how to figure out what year a vox v was manufactured in? is the serial number on the bottom plate it says " VOX. The Vox King Wah is part of that second generation of wah pedals after the late ' 60s pioneers. The King Wah was still produced by Thomas Organ, similar to the.

The next major change occured when Vox came out with the King Wah, the first unit made completely in the United States. It should also be noted that by the late '60s there were probably 40 or 50 different manufactures making wah-wah pedals on both sides of the Atlantic. Many of these devices offered extra sounds like fuzz, sirens, surf, tornado, and God knows what else. The early '70s saw companies such as Tychobrahe, Maestro, Foxx, and Morley getting into the wah-wah game.

As the late '70s approached, the wah effect was becoming unhip, and the number of manufacturers dropped accordingly.

By the early '80s only Thomas Organ, Morley, and a few other companies manufactured wah pedals. Thompson for the above account of the inception of the wah, but take issue with several points he mentioned. At this juncture I'm going to play my 'ace in the hole', Mr. George told me that Geoffrey had modified his '70s CryBaby to old Vox standards and it sounded remarkably better.

I called Geoffrey and since then we have become friends via many telephone conversations. Geoffrey is the "authorized vintage Vox wah repairman", and has done more research and has more information on vintage wahs than anyone I know!

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Geoffrey has been invaluable in the preparation of this part of my article, and I thank him. I thought the CryBaby was pretty good until I heard the difference in timbre and tonal sweep after Geoffrey reworked it. I introduce Geoffrey here because I agree with what he had to say regarding the last part of the Guitar Player article quoted above.

If Clydes are 'thin and cheesy sounding' then why are they commanding such a high price tag? I rest my case I also don't have much use for a "vomiting sound" when I'm playing, but I guess it's all subjective. I've had trouble dating the exact years of issue of the Clyde McCoy. If the GP article is accurate, the Vox Wah was manufactured in The Vox V replaced the Clyde in April, This apparently leaves one short year for the picture and signature model Clydes to have been on the market.

This makes the author question the accuracy of the inception date mentioned in the GP article. Geoffrey Teese Interview Q What, in your opinion, is the finest stock pedal?

vox king wah dating sim

A The old Clyde McCoy. A The 1st series Maestro Boomerangs circa '68 or ' Q How do you know the 1st series? Q What makes the Clyde the one? A Just the resonance of the sound, like a sonic blender, almost. Q What's the difference electronically? They didn't really change until the TDK. The inductors are only part of the puzzle, the second thing is the type of caps.

Q What is the fasel inductor? A To the best of my knowledge fasel refers to the appearance and conjectured make up. A way of discerning them. According to Thomas they used one company to make all their inductors from to TDK was introduced in roughly and used up to the close of Thomas in They still sold old stock through when the rights were purchased by Jim Dunlop.

The FASEL inductor is a usually red plastic cylinder shaped inductor used around on some italian wahs. They sound very good. Q What are you doing to cop the Clyde McCoy sound? Q The fasel type? A Yes, they're brown though, and are the I call them "48's" style. I've seen some of both types in the Vox Stereo Fuzz Wah, as well as the Thomas model, though most Vox units came with the Incidently, the fuzz in the Fuzz Wah is the same circuit design as the V Distortion Booster introduced in May, Q Do you have other release dates of note?

Q What's the next step? A That's a trade secret. Q What about the pots? A I personally feel they are of very little consequence, though some feel differently. I can't hear a difference. They're audio taper pots. Q What about the taper of the pot? Q Any other parts that are important? The power transistors-they maintain the audio level. Q Do you check them?

vox king wah dating site

There's also a couple more things I do. I also pull the felt stops from the underneath side of the rocker panel. Inductors Defining what an inductor is and does is beyond the scope of this article.

The author felt, however, a layman's definition was in order as the inductor and caps play such an instrumental role in the overall qualities of the the wah. Teese supplied me with the following explanation, "an inductor is a type of coil that influences the amount of time it takes a signal to go from one point to another.

“Transitional” Vox wah demo

The first, in my Italian Vox V, looks like a small version of the old aluminum film canisters and has ink stamped on the top. This is generally refered to as the "canister" type inductor The second looks like a stack of three or four dimes covered with a dark reddish brown material.

Thomas Organ changed this part number to "" in order to conform to their numbering system. This is the inductor Geoffrey refers to as the "48". The third is the infamous TDKa brown cube manufactured in Japan.

It's interesting to note here that pedals manufactured in Sepelvuda, Ca. The last was a unique find. I bought a Wah Baby made in Italy a month ago. I called Geoffrey because I'd never seen an inductor like it. The inductor was mounted perpendicular to the circuit board and was bright red. I was describing it to Geoffrey when I grabbed my reading glasses to tell him what it said on the back.

All the inductors except the Fasel were mounted flush on the circuit board. Geoffrey contends that though they have different casings, these inductors are all the same.

The only major difference is the TDK I want to mention that the tone of your individual wah may be adjusted to your personal taste by simply pulling back the rubber retaining loop which applies pressure to the shaft and rotating the pot to change where the shaft engages the pot.

This will change the tone range emphasized by the pot, ie. A brief anecdote here. They had the distinction of opening for Jimi Hendrix. Frank relates when he inspected Jimi's rig he noticed the bottom left rubber foot missing from Jimi's CryBaby Wah-Wah. When he asked one of the equipment guys why Jimi didn't fix it, the reply was, "Jimi leaves nothing to chance, it's removed to tilt the wah at the angle he finds comfortable. One major flaw with my research was I didn't have a Clyde McCoy to compare with my other pedals.

From what I've learned doing this part of my article, this was the first generation of inductors and capacitors.

However, my Wah Baby made in Italy has the original style caps and the famous Fasel inductor. It looks like a CryBaby except for the white rubber border around the edge of the cover plate. This had to serve as my Clyde McCoy stand in. I evaluated the following pedals. A short synopsis is as follows I didn't care for the Morley at all which is probably why one sees these chrome, AC powered, Fruehauf truck looking son of a guns sitting gathering dust at many music stores.

They are very well built but don't sound good, although I understand Carlos Santana has used one for years. The next worse sounding pedal is the Jim Dunlop CryBaby, it lacks tone and sweep. The best of the reissues I've tried is the Vox V, but it doesn't favorably compare with any of my vintage pedals. My least favorite vintage pedal was my CryBaby.

After Geoffrey modified it, it became my favorite pedal, just edging out my Italian made pedals. My Vox V Italy sounds great. It has nasal, piercing highs and an excellent tonal sweep. I want to mention that Geoffrey went through all these vintage pedals, save the EH Crying Tone Pedal, to make sure they were in top operational condition.

My Crybaby was the only one he modified. The American Vox V and King Vox Wah sound good but lack the range and richness of tone of the others, probably due to the inductor and caps.

They both sounded better than the new Vox V A knob on the right side of the chassis selects it to be a wah or volume pedal.

vox king wah dating site

The first of two knobs on the left side of the chassis select regular or reverse wah, ie. The second knob selects one of four tone ranges to be effected. This is a good sounding pedal, but is a little to tricky for me. I want just one great sounding wah-wah pedal. They both use the canister inductor, but the caps are different. The final pedal I wish to discuss is the CryBaby with the reddish brown circular inductor. For some inexplicable reason it sounds entirely different from the others.

Maybe it's the relationship of the shaft to the pot, I don't know. It is smooth and warm with lots of tone. It reminds me of a good jazz style wah if there was such a thing. In summation, the original style inductors and caps greatly effect performance.

This also seems to be the pedal of choice of many big league players. This doesn't rule out the different vintage brands mentioned in the Guitar Player article. I've heard the Gretsch and Colorsound wahs were excellent.

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