Dating agency cyrano reviews on garcinia

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dating agency cyrano reviews on garcinia

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Review: Dating Agency: Cyrano (, tVN) | obsessive compulsive (k)drama-watching disorder

Admittedly though, none of the characters had a whole lot of depth. They were enjoyable enough, particularly our heroine, but all remained firmly grounded in their character set-ups without much development. Min Young was a cheery hopeless romantic and Sooyoung played her with a sweet charm. Despite not being a groundbreaking character, Min Young remained likeable and was an easy heroine to root for.

The two young boys were always fun to watch when they had some screen time and tended to deliver a lot of the comedy.

dating agency cyrano reviews on garcinia

I was a little less convinced by Byung Hoon though. Such a party pooper His character could be funny at times, and did have some nice moments, but he was overall kind of an ass.

dating agency cyrano reviews on garcinia

He was never really all that nice to anyone, especially not to our heroine. Despite my less than warm feelings for the hero, Lee Jong Hyuk did play him well.

The continuing plot for our main characters was overall pretty simple, but was enjoyable all the same. Seung Pyo's hostility towards Byung Hoon was justified, and the way the love-triangle was concluded was lovely, with Seung Pyo working with Min Young to help Byung Hoon realise his feelings.

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The dead brother story arc that turned Hye Ri into a villain was pretty interesting, but could have done with being hinted at earlier as it felt a bit like it came out of nowhere to deliver a final conflict. On a side note, the soundtrack was a little odd. The quiet achievers What Was Great: Everything in this drama is on the same kind of level.

None of the actors are a lot better or a lot worse than anyone else, the stories were all the same level of tension, and the characters were all developed about the same amount.

All series long the stakes have been pretty low, so it was jarring and almost laughable to have such a serious issue arise out of nowhere.

dating agency cyrano reviews on garcinia

Thankfully, that plot was wrapped up pretty quickly, and the show returned to its charmingly chilled-out ways.