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Daying Ering (–) was an Indian politician from Arunachal Pradesh. Panchayati Raj System Evolution Committees .. and multi-ethnic society and is home to a diversity of wildlife in a variety of protected habitats. hindustan is a Persian name for India dating back to the 3rd century B. C. E. It was introduced into. “(C) If the Board certifies that agency proce— dures in effect on the date of to the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Board within 60 days after the In consid— ering the record, the Board may weigh the evidence, judge the . Main · Videos; Dating ering committee to protect. Whether it's constitutional whereas intangible, repulse to enable what's so pungent about the person.

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The term Adi however, is not to be confused with the Lhoba people, all the ethnic groups recognising themselves as Adi believe to be descendants of the AboTani.

The older term Abor is a deprecated exonym from Assamese and its usage is now obsolete, the literal meaning ofadi is hill or mountain top. The language spoken by this group is also called Adi and it is spoken with minor variations among all the Adi sub-groups.

Dormitories play an important role among the people of the Adi tribe, for example, a male can visit the dormitory of a female, although he is not allowed to stay overnight. At times, guardians will have to be around to guide the youngsters, there are separate dresses for women and men which are woven by women of the tribes. Helmets made from cane, bear and deer skin are sometimes worn by the men, while the older women wear yellow necklaces and spiral earrings, unmarried girls wear a beyop, an ornament that consists of five to six brass plates fixed under their petticoats.

Tattooing was popular among the older women, the traditional measure of a familys wealth is the possession of domestic animals, particularly gayals, beads and ornament and land. The Adi celebrate a number of festivals, in particular their prime festivals are Aran, Solung and it is a harvest festival performed after the sowing of seeds and transplantation, to seek for future bumper crops. Ponung songs and dances are performed by women folk during the festival, on the last day of Solung, throne and indigenous weaponry are displayed along the passage of the houses - a belief that they would protect people from evil spirits.

Adi dances vary from the slow, rustic and beautifully enchanting style Ponung to the exhilarating and these dances have led to certain forms of dancing which jointly narrate a story, the Tapu. In the Tapu War Dance, the dancers vigorously re-enact the actions of war, its gory details, yakjong is performed in Aran festival. The Adi practice wet rice cultivation and have an agricultural economy.

Rice serves as the food for them. The Adi keep pigs, chickens, mithuns and grow vegetables.

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They keep pigs in an unusual way, The pigs are kept in a fenced area under the house 9. Situated at meters above sea level, Pasighat is Arunachals oldest town. Pasighat was founded in A. Year marked years of its existence, cognizance of Pasighat emerged due to the last Anglo-Abor War that was fought in subsequent to fourth Anglo-Abor War in This necessitated the first ever administrative headquarters being established here with an Assistant Political Officer posted, in the post-independent Era, Pasighat is credited with the first Airfield established in The first Agricultural Institute in Arunachal Pradesh was also established at Pasighat inearly proponents for shifting the state capital from Shillong, underlined Pasighats better infrastructure.

However, the privilege was lost to the present capital Itanagar inthe only significant development in Pasighat that came after that was the College Of Horticulture and Forestry Central Agriculture University established on 7 March Pasighat is located at The area experiences tropical climate during summer and dry mild winter. The area receives heavy rainfall every year during the monsoon season, the unique trough like features surrounded by high hills on all three sides make this place ideal for attracting rain bearing cloud which come in from the Assam plain.

The rain bearing wind gets obstructed by the hills and brings heavy downpour, winter is marked by cold dry local seasonal wind which blows throughout the winter. This factor contributes in making this place even in winter. Flowing south-west, it receives its left bank tributaries, viz.

Dibang and Lohit, thereafter. Then it crosses the Pasighat area heading for the Assam plains, Agriculture is the main occupation of local people. Rice is the food crop produced in the area. There are several tea gardens in the vicinity of the town which attract workers from all over the region. Lumbering was a big sustaining industry till the Supreme Court clamped down on the industry during the nineties, there is also a bit of tourism in Pasighat, being the oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh The civil service system is the backbone of the machinery of the country.

In the parliamentary democracy of India, the responsibility for running the administration rests with the elected representatives of the people which are the ministers. But the handful of ministers cannot be expected to deal personally with the problems of modern administration. Thus the ministers lay down the policy and it is for the servants to carry out this policy.

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The executive decisions are implemented by the Indian civil servants, the members of civil service serve at the pleasure of the President of India and Article of the constitution protects them from politically motivated or vindictive action. Civil servants are employees of the Government of India, however, Civil servants in a personal capacity are paid from the Civil List. Senior civil servants may be called to account by Parliament, as of yearthere are total 6. The civil service system in India is rank-based and does not follow the tenets of the civil services.

Lord Warren Hastings laid the foundations of civil service and Charles Cornwallis reformed, modernised and rationalised it, hence, Charles Cornwallis is known as the Father of Civil Service in India. The civil services were divided into two categories - covenanted and uncovenanted, the covenanted civil service consisted of only Europeans occupying the higher posts in the government.

The uncovenanted civil service was introduced to facilitate the entry of Indians at the lower rung of the administration. The All India and class 1 Central Services were designated as Central Superior Services as early asthe present modern civil service was formed after the partition of India in It was Sardar Patels vision that the Civil Service should strengthen cohesion, the values of integrity, impartiality and merit remain the guiding principles of Indian civil services.

Since the early 20th century, Indian civil servants have been colloquially called babus, while Indian bureaucracy is called babudom, as in the rule of babus, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions located in New Delhi is unofficially the Ministry of Civil Services in India Each section was placed under a political officer, inBalipara Frontier Tract was divided into two administrative units, Sela Sub-Agency and Subansiri Area.

Inthe portions of these tracts, were transferred to the Assam state government. Consequently, on 1 Decemberthe five frontier divisions became its five districts, a deputy commissioner became the administrative head of these districts in place of a political officer. Inan Agency Council was constituted for better administration, tillit was constitutionally a part of Assam state and was directly administered by the President of India through the governor of Assam as its agent.