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kessissoglou ariane dating

his brother Erik, they find family pictures dating back to the s, and out of the chaos a curious Thomas Haemmerli, Ariane Kessissoglou, Erik Haemmerli . Download Date Ariane How will your blind date with Ariane turn out?. Date Ariane is a first-person 'visual novel' where you play a person. 9 minutos Australia The Lunch Date The Lunch Date ADAM DAVIDSON .. France The Rebels Los Rebeldes ARIANE KESSISSOGLOU | Colorido .

The Children's Channel KiKa will this year again be giving its support to the competition for children's and youth films.

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Its jury, made up of ten children from Oberhausen, will once more reveal the secrets of trick film with the production of their own trailer. I am looking forward to the opening and wish participants, guests and viewers staying power, variety, stimulation, interesting insights and entertainment while watching the short films. Jahr ganz gewiss sprechen.

Geburtstags der Kurzfilmtage im letzten Jahr hat deutlich gezeigt, wie wichtig dieses Festival war und ist. Vor allem geht es bei einem Filmfestival jedoch um Filme, und hier haben die Kurzfilmtage erneut Einiges zu bieten: A longer life for short film: In Oberhausen short film is not a marginal note personally discovered by some enthusiastic journalist. It is the focus, the crucial pivot, of a vibrant festival that is indispensable for the up-and-coming generation of filmmakers worldwide.

I have already often spoken here about the international charisma of the Short Film Festival, its role as a mediator between cultures and its standing as one of the most important centres of the global short-film network. The enormous public and media response to the 50th anniversary of the Festival last year clearly showed how important this festival was and is. But the Short Film Festival also plays a special role in the film state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with its festivals, art-house cinemas, film schools and production companies.


This is particularly the case with the promotion of young talents. Productions by filmmakers from North Rhine-Westphalia are regularly shown in the competitions and special programmes in Oberhausen. And this year for the second time, the Festival, in cooperation with the NRW. BANK, is running a seminar for film students on the marketing of short films.

In the past years, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has consistently supported its film landscape both financially and culturally. But it also needs institutions that help to promote a vital, creative and productive film industry - like the Short Film Festival Oberhausen. But the most important aspect of a film festival is films, and the Festival again has a lot to offer in this regard.

The Oberhausen programmes in promise as ever to be very exciting. For example, there are the over 80 films in the large special programme The Fallen Curtain. The Self and the Other Sincewhich take a look at the search for individual and collective identities in both East and West since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Or the specially selected short films for kids in Children's Cinema.

In this spirit I wish the 51st Short Film Festival Oberhausen every success and hope that all its visitors will enjoy some exciting and surprising film experiences! Andere Neuerungen betreffen den Kurzfilm unmittelbar. Short films are often seen as apprentice pieces, small forms of great art, brief, yet sophisticated reflections of the time in which they were made, splendid experiments of only a few minutes' duration. For eight days in May, Oberhausen is the creative focal point of the global shortfilm scene.

The Festival is a place of international encounters, mutual exchange and intensive discussions of a kind that is very rare in this field. Oberhausen, as one of the world's most important forums for short film, is largely responsible for the good reputation and considerable success of German short film, which has enjoyed great triumphs at international competitions over the past few years.

The German government is aware of the growing importance of short film for the development of the medium, and has increased its support on a broad basis. At the same time, it is very important to me to restructure the award ceremony for the German Short Film Prize as of In future, it will be carried out in cooperation with a different film school each year. The event is to be linked to a symposium focusing on future-related themes.

Other innovations will directly affect short film. This year, my department will be raising its subsidies for the promotion of short film by fifty percent in comparison with last year. Fromthere will be a hundred-percent increase. I wish you all a stimulating, successful, eventful festival in Oberhausen. Den Rest sollen die anderen machen. Dennoch, Oberhausen ist kein Festival des Experimentalfilms und war es auch nie. Oberhausen ist den einen immer zu experimentell, den anderen immer zu konventionell erschienen.

Innovation ist die Planung, Erzeugung und Durchsetzung neuer Produkte, wirtschaftlich oder kulturell.

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Dennoch, Oberhausen ist kein Festival des politischen Films und war es auch nie. To put it oversimply and a little ironically: Why would we rather have things easy? Why do we prefer the status quo to change? Of course, complicatedness is already a ground for suspicion, as Horkheimer wrote to Adorno from his exile. But in a situation where marginalized forms have almost lost their niches in cinema and television, a festival with a cultural mission is obliged to be complicated.

The others should do the rest. This is how culture upholds its rights in the face of industry and commerce. However, Oberhausen is not a festival of experimental film, and never has been.

This is one of the great misunderstandings. Oberhausen has always seemed too experimental to some, and too conventional to others. That sounds like a contradiction.

But this is probably how the tension has been created that a festival needs and that makes it a kind of miniature of social communication. Oberhausen sees itself as a festival of innovation. Innovation is the planning, production and promotion of new products, whether commercial or cultural. These days there would seem to be narrow scope for this. So there is a big temptation to lower one's sights.

One fills the programmes with names that are already known and with the films of people whom one cannot afford to offend. One lets sponsors and financial backers be on juries and help decide on prizes.

kessissoglou ariane dating

One accepts the themes and conditions upon which subsidies depend. One is synergetic, network-orientated, proactively European and unconditionally cooperative whereas the only right approach from a politico-cultural point of view would be to be individual, distinctive and uncompromising.

For this reason, it is high time there was a new extremism in culture: Last year, the year of our anniversary, there was again discussion on the question of political film: As a result, we have decided to devote a complete programme to this issue: The Fallen Curtain explores the changes in the meaning of political film and the status of the individual after the demise of socialism in the East. However, Oberhausen is not a festival of political film, and never has been.

I would like to thank all the people who have made this festival possible and help to keep it going. Er steht unter www. The continuous collection of films over a period of four decades has led to a unique treasure holding more than 1, films and videos. The inventory in form of a database contains information on the technical condition of prints, the situation regarding negatives, copyrights and secondary material. In the case of some works the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen owns the only surviving film print.

The film archive of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has compiled a catalogue of holdings listing all available titles. Experts and representatives from the film industry can access the archive catalogue throughout the year under www.

Every year we purchase about 50 new titles from the current festival competitions for distribution as well as contributions from the Special Programmes and the MuVi reel which comprises all current MuVi Award nominees. It is possible to book individual films or complete programmes. On request, members of the Festival's Selection Committee will accompany and introduce the films adding introductions and subsequent discussions to the film programmes.

The distribution programmes of the last years are available on our website and will also be sent out to you on request. Detaillierte Register erleichtern die Suche. At the film market all video tapes which have been submitted and not requested back are made available for individual viewing. The filmmarket offers accredited experts and industry representatives the opportunity to select from more than 5, films and Videos according to the specific demands and selection criteria of TV channels, distributors and festivals etc.

Detailed indexes facilitate the search. As an additional service during the year, an online film market catalogue is available to industry representatives and experts. It can be accessed only by password.

Organisierte zahlreiche Filmveranstaltungen und Retrospektiven. Teaches Cinema Studies at the University of Paris She has a book forthcoming on Abel Ferrara. She has organized many film events and retrospectives. Born in Hamilton, Ontario; lives and works in London. Filmmaker; his works are more for art spaces than for cinema halls. He studied photography with Victor Burgin, and lived in Vancouver, a major centre for photography and video.

Lewis began using film as a medium infocusing on the aspects of cinematic language and with an increasing emphasis on image rather than narration or sound. Curator; founded The Museum of Modern Art's video exhibition programme and has guided it over a long pioneering career. She has helped assemble the Museum's premiere media collection. She has written and lectured widely. In his work Mounir Fatmi explores political, exischichte des Nahen Ostens realisierte, die stentialist as well as aesthetic questions.

In he represented hicle: He is co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation, through which he devetet in London. The International Jury will award the following prizes: Born in in Paderborn; studied at the University of Bielefeld; since film and video works; since line producer with Pandora Film, Cologne; since member of the European Film Academy.

Kurzfilme seit u. Fieber in Oberhausen ; Milchwald Spielfilm. Born in in Munich; film studies at the HFF in Munich; since co-editor of the film magazine Revolver; lives in Berlin.

Short films sinceincl. Fieber in Oberhausen ; Milchwald fiction. Has been working as an artist since ; directing, screenplay and camera for a number of films and theatre plays; various exhibitions and retrospectives incl.

He next worked as an editorial coordinator for various television and radio stations for the Italian community abroad, before becoming an assistant director to Silvano Agosti and Nico Cirasola. In collaboration with the director Giovanni Piperno, he made the documentaries Intervista a Mia Madre and Il Film di Mariothen founded the Apollo 11 group who ran a cinema of the same name which became a hub for Roman culture.

Neukoelln Unlimited is his feature film debut as a director. The Mosquito Net is his third feature film.

kessissoglou ariane dating

He majored in history and worked for years as a literary critic. He teaches film editing at Alasarya College, Ramallah. Director, producer, script writer, and production director for Dream Production - Egypt. Majored in Law from the University of Alexandria inand in production and film directing at the Cairo Cinema Institute in He was assistant director making films that included: Inhe wrote a book on documentarist Samir Ouf and a book on independent Arab cinema in colaboration with Hossam Elouan.

He wrote and directed short films, documentaries, and series for television. She graduated directing at Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts in Her graduation film was First Death Experience. In she directed her second short film North Went Mad.