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Atheist Dating is a % FREE Dating Site for Atheists. Create Your Profile For Free and Meet Your Soul Mate Today. Specifically, I'd like to discuss whether an atheist and theist couple can make things work. Should they consider dating at all? Or should we try. Shayrah is a youtube skeptic, atheist, and feminist, as well as a "regular host of The Pimpmunk Show. Shayrah is known to fuck Date of birth. July 5,

We are both respectful of each other. I laugh when someone in a news story calls one survivor from an accident a miracle and she does not get uptight. I know that she is trying to be nice and trying to protect me from the sneezing demons! We talk openly about all of those things, but I think the most important question in a relationship is: Do you want to be right and superior, or do you want to be loved?

Loved is a hormonal reaction, there is more to a relationship than that. Lifer I think you need to consult the experts before going off and giving your own speech! Check out this little diddy: All of the usual theist arguments. Zach A devoted homosexual since the third grade, my dating pool is largely diehard theist-free.

Perhaps strong, missionary convictions on either side produce the problems. Not live and let live atheism or Christianity lite. Delphine My boyfriend of 6 years of Catholic. He agrees all other religions are equally valid, including Roman and Greek theology. Him, of all people, should be clearly aware of that because of his position.

Trans and Godless: My Very Atheist Christmas

In general, we try to find middle grounds. When he met me, he thought all atheists are extremely immoral and evil. He was taken aback when he found out I was an atheist. I practically follow all Catholic doctrines except the ones that discriminate and the believe in god part. He wants to raise our children in churches. I agreed to it, but only if I get to educate them about the possibility of god not existing and other religions. Our children can decide for themselves. Kimi In my last relationship, I was the theist, and my boyfriend was agnostic.

I was raised Mormon, and was still a believer when we met, though I had had my doubts for years. Needless to say, I am now a born-again atheist. Usually, I would caution against relationships between theists and atheists, but there will always be exceptions. I even have a very good muslim friend from my former workplace, where we used to argue about religion and atheism.

However I could never date a theist, let alone be with in a long term relationship. I come from a christian backround and converted after I turned 20 and moved from home to study.

What Are Your Atheist Dating Stories?

I also feel that I have lost something when I was hanging around with christians in my teens. And it's a fair question when most are regularly told that Jesus is "the Reason for the Season.

I took the time to explain to her why I like Christmas so much. I gave her a brief history about how Christmas has been many holidays before and has borrowed many traditions along the way and discarded others.

The very tree we were putting up was actually condemned by the early church for it's pagan roots before they realized they were fighting a losing battle.

The same can be said for mistletoe and exchanging gifts and decorations and most of the things we love about the holidays. So, in following that proud tradition I too have kept the traditions I enjoy and discarded the ones that do not work for me.

I love the tree and decorations and, to a lesser extent, the gifts.

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I love getting together with my family and loved ones to have fun and share stories from the past year. I love that, for a brief moment every year, everyone tries to be a little kinder to each other, even if they're strangers.

There are plenty of things that irritate me about the holidays, like the "War on Christmas" fanatics who freak out whenever you use the word "holiday" or, god forbid, "X-Mas".

It seems they've forgotten that the "X" in X-Mas is not crossing out Jesus, but was used as a substitution for Christ because it was a cross! X is still Christ! I'll never forget how my Jewish friend put it, "I don't get offended when they wish me a Merry Christmas.

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The name isn't important, it's the thing itself that matters. What is important is being a good person and spending the day to love your family of origin or choice. Another tradition we're ditching is Santa.

Chris and I have ultimately decided that when we have kids we're not going with the whole Santa thing. It's not that we'll try to hide the fact that Santa is a part of Christmas. They can still go see him at the mall and read stories about him and all the rest of it, but we're not going to pretend that he's real.