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Birds are those characteristic of Western and Central Europe, with large numbers of seagulls swarming over the coastal areas from time to time. The making of cheese is connected with such famous brands as those named for Edam and Gouda, towns in the province of South Holland, and Alkmaar in North Holland.

Its principal task is to supervise administration of justice and to review the judgments of lower courts. On Mondays, many shops are closed in the mornings. The smaller municipalities in are administered by municipal councils, which are elected directly for four-year terms by the local inhabitants and make local bylaws. However, the large numbers of migrants from the Antilles has been decreasing, while emigration to these countries has increased.

Many of them are migrant workers from Morocco and Turkey or immigrants from other countries such as Iraq, Somalia, and Bosnia. Its position was continually threatened, however, by intense rivalries among and within the provinces. Ontbossing door nieuwe bewoners richt daarentegen grote schade aan.

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