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cm punk dvd extras online dating

This is not just a DVD, it's a pipe-bomb! For the first-time ever, experience the rise of CM Punk from his free-spirited beginnings to his explosive. An HTTP cookie (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, . Extras. Post match home video exclusive – DX v Legacy. WWE, over the last thirteen No logical evolution, just a time and a date where three matches will have to be CM Punk v Undertaker – I think this surprised a lot of people. Blu-ray: English,German (mixture of dubbing and subtitles) Meanwhile CM Punk faces the latest opponent standing between himself and his former best friend Paul Heyman; the monstrous Ryback! DVD Extras WRESTLEMANIA 34 - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! Date: Wednesday 16 October, 4 of 5 Stars!.

CM Punk v Undertaker — I think this surprised a lot of people watching live when it started the show.

WWE - Bragging Rights 2009 (DVD, 2009)

The big rumour coming in was that Punk was being punished for a behind-the-scenes transgression and, to be fair, the match did nothing to dispel those rumours. In essence, this was a glorified squash match that never really utilised the Cell outside of a couple of throws into the side and proved a total downer for everyone watching because of it.

The pre-match video package was great, showing the history between the two since Summerslam and doing a stunning job of making an match against Undertaker inside the Cell seem like the deadliest match in the worldbut the match never came close to matching it.

Not a good start, not a good start at all, even with it being the first title change in HiaC history. Ziggler was in serious danger of this happening, but at least the match quality held throughout.

Two young athletic guys going for what used to be the stepping stone in WWE. When I think of the IC belt, it always seemed to be held by the smaller, more athletic wrestlers of course, there were exceptions like Diesel and this feels like a throwback to those days. Some nice wrestling, good high-risk offence, a couple of stunning counters and a few interesting ways to work the neck, topped off by a well-received and nicely worked finish, made this a joy to watch.

I will say this, though, the DDT to end the match genuinely looks like it broke her neck; it was evil. Starting with Rey and Jericho was smart, as it allowed a fast pace to begin with and built anticipation for either of the larger partners waiting on the outside.

cm punk dvd extras online dating

This was an enjoyable bout, with four wrestlers who just work well together, and the exchanges pretty much all hit the mark. The last five minutes were great and had the crowd in the palm their hands, while the finish was a piece of brilliance.

John Cena v Randy Orton — Of all the matches on the card, this is the one that you could argue as warranting the Hell in a Cell stipulation. The cage and the ring surroundings were used a lot more than in the opener, making it feel more like a HiaC match should feel, but it still lacked the aura of the majority of the bouts listed above and was a mild disappointment because of it. For so long, it was only the upper-midcard or above that were given reasons to be fighting, while the others just had matches for the sake of having matches.

All three want it, all three had physical possession of the strap at one point or another and all three are young guys who, if used correctly, could be the main-event talent for the future.

Miz, especially, was brilliant with little nuances in his character that separate him from the rest of the non-main event roster.

One exchange I adored was how Swagger got Miz into position for the All American Bomb, catching him in a go-behind as Miz charged him and then switching that into a gut-wrench and then dropping into the powerbomb… all in one flowing motion. On RAW, the second-gen duo had also managed to get the upper hand on Triple H and Shawn Michaels in various beatdowns, casting a little doubt on the result. Having the match start outside the Cell Legacy ambushed DX during their entrance immediately allowed this to stand out from the earlier two HiaC matches, while the use of the cage was also extensive in comparison.

The Prime Time Players Christian: Over four months later here we are. Prediction- The Miz retains John: Putting the IC Title on Miz is about building him back up after booking him so poorly since his run as a main event level guy over a year ago. Mysterio will give him a good matchup, but Miz will get the win after about ten minutes of action. The Miz Kane vs. Daniel Bryan Chris Jericho vs.

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What a simple yet effective story. Prediction- Dolph Ziggler John: I already wrote a fantasy booking style column as it pertains to what I want to see in this match. Sheamus beats Del Rio early in the show. Barrett comes out, he destroys Sheamus. Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank. He becomes World Champion.

cm punk dvd extras online dating

Jericho then becomes a World Title match later in the show. I threw it out there as a possibility because the obvious result of this match is too easy to call. The only way I would complain about this is if they got less than ten minute because it needs to be between minutes in order to give us the kind of exciting action we expect to see from guys like this.

Dolph Ziggler World Heavyweight Championship: This is the best thing to come out of a car theft since Josh and S. For the first time these two have a legitimate beef with each other that is more than just about the championship.

Best Of CM Punk [DVD]: Cm Punk: DVD & Blu-ray

As lame as it sounds, this whole feud is about respect. It shows how badly the Champion wants to get his hands on the challenger.

cm punk dvd extras online dating

In a real MMA fight if Brock had Triple H in an arm bar Hunter would tap in 5 seconds because arm bars hurt and you want to use it to wipe boogers from your giant nose.

Cena became the first person ever to unsuccessfully cash in MITB but you never hear anyone mention it. MITB is supposed to be used to get a guy over the hump and into the main event. All he has to do is ask for a title shot. Things like that annoy me to no end. The only thing throwing a curveball in the equation is that The Rock is lurking at Royal Rumble.

Or do they want Rock to face the by then 14 month reigning champion? I know they could switch the title again before the Rumble but why would you have Punk hold the title this long just to start switching it like a dirty pair of underwear again?

But, like I always say, when in doubt pick Cena.

cm punk dvd extras online dating

Final Thoughts I am definitely interested in Summerslam.